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Australian Senator Roberts Rails Against the Destructive Green Party

Click on picture to watch 5 minute speech

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Astounding Speech by Sen. Malcolm Roberts (AUS) Trouncing the UN and AGW (A must see)

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg and the Galileo Movement. September 13, 2016 Maiden speech by Queensland One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts. Transcript, audio and other information here: Click on image to go to YouTube video

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Australia: PM Abbott Cancels Government Wind Farm Subusidies

Simon Kent — Breitbart News — July 12, 2015 Australia has slammed the door shut on any new government-funded investment in renewable energy schemes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott extends his “war on wind power”. In doing so Mr Abbott has sent a clear message to the mendicant green renewable energy sector that there will […]

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Australia Video: How Wind Farms Destroy the Environment Part 4 — Health and Union Corruption

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Video: The Senate in Australia has called an inquiry into wind project health impacts.

Originally posted on Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact:
Please watch this video. The Senate in Australia has called an inquiry into wind project health impacts. You will see some of the problems that independent researchers have to deal with. Suppression of information is paramount to industry success. The Australians are exposing the fraud.…

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Australia: Legal Move Threatened Over Media Report on Wind Turbines

Simon King, Senior Reporter — The Australian — February 21, 2015 ACOUSTIC expert Steven Cooper is considering launching legal action against the ABC’s Media Watch program for its portrayal of him and his research on the effect of the Pacific Hydro wind turbines on local residents. On the February 16 edition of Media Watch host […]

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Australia: Research council calls for further study into ‘wind turbine sickness’, sets aside $500,000 in grants

Sarah Phillips — ABC (Australia) — February 11, 2014 The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia’s premier health research body, has called for Australian scientists to look into so-called “wind turbine sickness”, saying that very few scientifically rigorous studies have been done. The council has set aside $500,000 in funding grants for the […]

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Pilot study into wind farm noise has identified a special noise signature that could give new insights for medical research

Wind turbine study finds possible correlation between noise and residents’ complaints, researcher says Jessica Tapp — ABC (Australia) — January 21, 2015 A pilot study into wind farm noise and residents’ reactions to it has identified a special noise signature that could give new insights for medical research, the study’s lead author says. Researchers, commissioned […]

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Death Knell for Australia’s Renewable Energy as Green Industry Collapses

Giles Parkinson — Renew Economy — October 6, 2014 The Australian government – and ministers Greg Hunt and Ian Macfarlane in particular, like to tell everyone how much they support renewable energy. But they seem to be doing their level best to trash the industry in Australia. Key data released late last week underlines the […]

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Australia’s Wind Turbines May Stop Spinning as Banks Foreclose

Giles Parkinson — ReNew Economy — September 1, 2014 Australian analysts have warned that some of the country’s wind farms could be forced to close down under proposals made by the Abbott government’s RET Review panel. Insiders are aghast at the assumptions made by the panel about the possibility of closing the scheme to new […]

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More from Australian Senator John Madigan. This time on Wind Industry ‘Gag Clauses’

Tip o’ the hat to Callous Wind for this find. Daniel Bateman — Cairns Post — June 21, 2014 A VICTORIAN Senator has questioned why the property developer behind a Tableland wind farm has any need to ban residents from speaking out about the project. Developer Port Bajool Pty Ltd has placed a clause in […]

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Australia: National Health & Medical Research Council says more studies on wind turbine noise is needed

Max Reese — April 2, 2014 The National Health & Medical Research Council has finally published its long awaited Draft Information Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health on which the CEO, Professor Warwick Anderson is seeking public comment. This paper follows years of campaigning for medical and acoustical studies by individuals and groups […]

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Confessions of a Regretful Wind Farm Leaseholder

(from South Australia) Open Letter on our wind farm experiences In 2011, a Senate committee recommended that urgent testing be conducted on industrial wind turbines with respect to their health effects on nearby residents. To date, no such testing by government funded organisations has been carried out. At around the same time, the NHMRC recommended […]

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Video: Australian senator speaks out against the corruption of the wind industry

From National Wind Watch  (Transcript below video) Author:  John Madigan Tonight I rise to speak on the relationship between a community and their doctors and how that relationship has been bastardised. But first I will give the chamber some background. In January 2012, researchers at the renowned Stanford School of Medicine published a report that found […]

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Wind industry becoming more arrogant and aggressive

In Ontario, there’s a case of a wind company that has placed it’s turbines too close to homes, in violation of the GEA (Green Energy Act) setback regulations.  Residents are now fighting to force the wind company to take them down.  See article here. Meanwhile, over in Australia, residents are battling similar aggression by an […]

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