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Continuing Lies My Wind Rep Told Me: Wind Industry Takes Eagle Fatalities Seriously

In a possible continuing series on the constant lies and misleading information the wind industry reps put out, todays article  is by the VP of public affairs for the AWEA.  Perhaps due to the mounting pressure from bird conservation groups, they must feel the need to start doing some damage control. What is interesting, is […]

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Photo credit -- Mark Duchamp

Thankfully, the word is continuing to spread regarding the destructive nature of wind turbines.

Dispelling the cats, buildings vs. wind farm bird death myth Cathy Taibbi — Wildlife Conservation — Examiner.com — June 30, 2012 It’s been a tiresome retort from spokespeople defending the wind industry: “More birds are killed by cats and glass buildings than by wind farms, so wind farms are OK.” Really? That makes it ‘OK’? […]

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