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Bird Conservation Group Calls for Changes in Collection of Data at Wind Developments

Tip o’ the hat to M. Kay Barton Robert Johns — March 5, 2015 — American Bird Conservancy American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has called on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to institute a new system of pre-construction risk assessment and bird and bat mortality data collection in connection with hundreds of thousands of […]

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U.S. — Gone With The Wind: Resistance to Bird-killing Turbines is Growing (with some success)

Bonner Cohen — Daily Caller — October 30, 2014 The natives are restless, and their ire is directed against an intruder armed with taxpayer subsidies and intent on destroying as much scenic beauty and wildlife as it can get away with. Across the country, giant wind farms, among the ghastliest monstrosities ever devised by man, […]

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Fox News Videos: Bird Deaths at Wind Farms

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The Bird Societies are Finally Starting to Wake Up — Bird Deaths More Than Thought

BirdWatch News — July 21, 2013 New research from the United States indicates that bird deaths from wind farm collisions may have been underestimated by up to 30 per cent. After the sad death of the White-throated Needletail on Harris, Outer Hebrides, on 26 June when it hit the shaft of a wind turbine on […]

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Why do Environmentalists give Big Wind a pass on their Bird and Bat Butchery?

Why do taxpayers have to subsidize this?  Why do environmentalists give it a free pass? Ron Arnold — Joe For America — May 21, 2013 It uses tons of fossil fuels every day, emits a greenhouse gas that’s like CO2 on steroids, can’t do the job it’s made for, costs taxpayers exorbitant fees, and makes […]

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Wildlife Society publishes new study documenting high bird and bat kills by wind turbines

Teresa Platt — National Center for Public Policy Research — April 19, 2013 The Wildlife Society Bulletin just published a selection of studies on Wind Energy and Wildlife Conservation including an important new study by Dr. K. Shawn Smallwood, “Comparing Bird and Bat Fatality-Rate Estimates Among North American Wind Energy Projects.” Smallwood earned his Ph.D. in Ecology at the University of […]

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Wind farm could be bird killer, expert claims

Danielle VandenBrink — Kingston Whig Standard — April 7, 2013 A proposed wind farm in southern Prince Edward County has the potential to have the highest bird mortality rate in North America, an expert in the field claims. Bill Evans, an ornithologist based in Ithaca, N.Y., who has studied the impact of turbines on birds […]

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The Effect of Wind Turbines on Bird Migration

Animal Behaviour — Winter 2013 During migrations, animals have the potential to come across man-made structures, and these structures may cause the animals to alter their normal migration behaviour by causing the animals to alter their path and potentially increase the distance travelled. Wind turbines are massive man-made structures and are a great source of […]

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Jim Wiegand: More fraud perpetrated by the wind industry

Everyone in the Northeast and on up into Ontario needs to pay very close attention to what I am about to disclose. For me it is the single biggest reason for a moratorium on wind projects in Vermont as well as the rest of North America. In my opinion the millions of bird deaths that […]

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Jim Wiegand — The Truth about Wolfe Island bird mortality rates

Jim Wiegand — January 18, 2013 Here is a little more proof about how the Wolf Island Mortality studies were designed to find only a fraction of the birds killed by their huge turbines. This information is very important so the public can understand the true character of the wind industry. Mortality studies years ago […]

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UK Ecologist: Wind Farms are driving birds, bats to extinction

Chris Clarke — ReWire — January 9, 2013 This hasn’t been a great month so far for wind turbine fans in the United Kingdom. First, a report released just before New Years found that many wind turbines’ effective lifespans are much shorter than expected. And this week, a respected British ecologist is slamming the wind […]

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The U.S. Takes A Step in the Right Direction.

Now if they would start taking the health issues seriously as well. New wind tower guidelines aim to lower bird deaths MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press — March 23, 2012 WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration offered new guidance Friday on where wind farms should be located to reduce the number of bird deaths while promoting […]

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