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Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli Put On the Hot Seat About Hydro Rates

And he lies and dodges and lies and dodges and lies and dodges.    

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Tom Adams: Return of Ontario’s Six Billion Dollar Man

Tom Adams – June 24, 2014 Bob Chiarelli is back as the Wynne government’s Energy Minister. Last December, I started the series “Chiarelli: Ontario’s Six Billion Dollar Man” to track some of Bob wacky assertions about energy in Ontario. You can select the series the categories on the right hand side of your screen. The […]

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Bob Chiarelli denounces the Cons for wanting to ‘waste’ money on power that’s not needed. HUH??

WHAT THE WHAT !!????? In Question Period today, Bob Chiarelli, in response to MPP Lisa Macleod’s query about the mess the energy portfolio is in, said that the Conservatives want to waste money on nuclear power that we don’t need. When your head stops spinning, you can watch the exchange here…..

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Several hundred protesters attend rally outside Chiarelli’s office on Saturday

Patrick Smith — Ottawa Citizen — December 7, 2013 OTTAWA — Several hundred protesters braved the chill Saturday to put some heat on Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli and his proposed provincial energy plan. The plan, introduced on Dec. 2, aims to promote energy conservation but comes at a steep price. The plan says the […]

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MPP Lisa McLeod speaks to Hydro Rate Rally crowd in front of Bob Chiarelli’s office

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Energy Minister Chiarellis reaction to the Fraser report continues to show the Liberals just don’t “get it”.

Geoff Zochodne — The Oshawa Express — April 16, 2013 Critics of Ontario’s green energy initiatives haven’t gone away, but the province has no plans to back off on its renewable energy strategy, says the Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli. “It’s part of our long-term energy plan, it’s going to stay part of our long-term […]

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