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Britain Facing Serious Blackouts Next Winter Due to Instability Caused by Wind Power

Emily Gosden — The Telegraph — July 17, 2015 Britain could face blackouts if the wind doesn’t blow in winter 2016-17, unless emergency measures are brought in to bolster electricity supplies, official analysis suggests. Output from Britain’s power plants would not be enough to meet peak demand if there was “low wind” – meaning the […]

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UK: PM David Cameron Says That People Are ‘Fed Up” With Wind Turbines — Enough is Enough

BBC News — December 16, 2014 People are “fed up” with onshore wind farms being built, and “enough is enough”, David Cameron has said. The Conservatives say they would not subsidise new onshore turbines if they win the general election. The prime minister also criticised the “religiosity” of fracking critics, saying he would be happy […]

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Wind Industry Lies Continue to Be Exposed

Christopher Booker — Daily Mail — November 23, 2014 On November 7, Guardian readers were excited by a huge two-page advertisement from the wind farm company Ecotricity, hailing what it described as “a historic event”. This, it explained, was on Sunday October 19, following the Didcot power station fire, when several other major power plants […]

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UK: As the Tide Turns on Wind Farms, What is Causing this Wind of Change?

Brian Daniel — The Journal — August 27, 2014 A growing number of wind farm proposals in Northumberland are being refused amid an apparent turning of the tide You don’t have to go back too far to a time when you couldn’t open The Journal without reading about residents Northumberland begging for mercy from an […]

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Thanks to Britain’s Foolish Leap Into Unreliable Wind Energy, They Now Have to Take Extreme Measures to Avoid Blackouts

Emily Gosden — The Telegraph — June 9, 2014 Britain may be forced to use “last resort” measures to avert blackouts in coming winters, Ed Davey, the energy secretary, will say on Tuesday. Factories will be paid to switch off at times of peak demand in order to keep households’ lights on, if Britain’s dwindling […]

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Europe Orders Britain to end Wind Farm Subsidies

European climate action commissioners say state aid for renewable technologies should be phased out by the end of the decade James Kirkup and Bruno Waterfield — The Telegraph — January 2, 2014 The European Commission is to order Britain to end wind farm subsidies. Officials have told ministers that the current level of state support […]

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Warning for the upcoming winter season! Britain to be hit by entirely typical weather!!

From The Daily Mash (UK) TEMPERATURES in the UK are going to fall sharply over the coming weeks because that is what happens at this time of year, it has been claimed. Meteorologists believe that winter, a spell of short, cold days commonly defined as a season, will be more or less exactly what you […]

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Blackout Britain — why our energy crisis is only just beginning

Costly green measures are behind our rocketing energy bills. But as politicians dither, an even greater crisis awaits David Rose — The Spectator — November 16, 2013 BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, has been headquartered in Germany since before the country formally existed. Founded in 1865 by the industrial pioneer Friedrich Engelhorn, it still […]

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Mayor of London — “Wind farms are a ‘disease’ that have blighted Britains countryside”

Sydney Morning Herald — September 15, 2013 Wind farms are a “disease” that have blighted Britain’s countryside and the country should embrace nuclear power and fracking to meet its energy needs, London Mayor Boris Johnson says. Mr Johnson accused the energy companies of “ruthlessly exploiting” a shortage of supply as he insisted Britain must stop […]

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Some of Britains biggest wind farms often generate only enough power to make a few cups of tea

Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter — The Telegraph — August 24, 2013 Data released by one of the largest green energy companies shows wind farms producing enough electricity only to boil two to three kettles at a time. At one stage last week, three big wind farms even took electricity out of the National Grid – […]

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Energy: Million $$$$ government windfall when wind doesn’t blow

Richard North — Eureferendum — July 14, 2013 The Government is set to make a windfall profit of hundreds of millions of pounds out of a lucrative scheme to sell power from thousands of the emergency diesel generators it owns to the National Grid. The cash will come from using them to guard against the […]

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Britain’s Eco-madness — Companies build polluting diesel generators to kick in when there’s no wind for turbines

Moving to wind power is expected to cost £1 billion a year by 2015 Official figures on the size of the green economy are extremely misleading They exaggerate the worth of the sector by up to 700 per cent By JAMES DELLINGPOLE — Daily Mail Online — July 13, 2013 Thousands of dirty diesel generators are being secretly […]

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Britain Can’t Afford to throw Money at Wind Power

The Telegraph (UK) — June 29, 2013 We make no apology for returning once again to the subject of wind power – as our Letters page illustrates, it is a topic that greatly concerns Sunday Telegraph readers, some of whom find themselves at the sharp end of the controversy when wind turbines are proposed or […]

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Is it just a coincidence that Ontario AND Britain are told in the same week that communities will get more say???

Strange coincidence that Ontario Energy Minister Chiarelli stood in parliament and stated that communities would be given more say in wind projects the very same week that the announcement was made in Britain.  Not only that, but the wind developers will be giving more money to the community for their participation. Does anyone else think […]

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Britain — £250,000 wasted on failed wind farm project on Pitcairn Island

Hayley Dixon — The Telegraph — April 8, 2013 The £1.7million scheme on the Pitcairn Islands’ was aborted after Australian contractors took the money but failed to build any turbines. By the time it was cancelled the plans for the tiny island, made famous by the Mutiny on the Bounty, had already slipped three years […]

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