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Oh the Convoluted Logic of Desperate Climate Hysterics

Melting Arctic sea ice may be behind endless winter: scientists Hamilton Spectator — April 18, 2018 Scientists are suspecting that not enough winter in the Arctic has led to too much of it across the rest of Canada. From Toronto, where ice storms cancelled baseball games, to Calgary where residents this week faced yet another […]

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One Last Feather in Stephen Harpers Hat.

Do NOT let the Liberals ever lay claim to this ranking.  This happened under Stephen Harpers Conservatives, not under Justins Liberals. — DQ ********************************************** Canada under Conservatives was the freest and most tolerant nation in the world, study finds Kelly McParland — National Post — November 2, 2015 It comes a little late for Stephen […]

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This Election has become a scandal beyond all proportion — Voter Fraud being encouraged by FB group.

This FB group has given instructions on how to vote multiple times in order to get out Stephen Harper.  This has now called into question all ballots already cast and any that will be done on October 19th unless someone stops this. Click here to see the FB page Here are the screengrabs in case […]

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Our Demand For Renewable Energy Comes With Canada’s Dirty Little Secret

(Note from Donna — If the green hypocrites in North America had to see the mining process for rare earth elements happen in their OWN backyard (as this article suggests), GUARANTEED, they would protest against it and not allow it.) Blair King — Huffington Post — July 22, 2015 There is something very important that […]

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Queen’s University professor disputes wind turbine report

Elliot Ferguson — Kingston-Whig Standard — November 12, 2014 KINGSTON, Ont. – One of the key experts backing opposition to a wind energy development on Amherst Island said a recent Health Canada study is more politics than science. John Harrison, a Queen’s University professor emeritus in physics and a member of the Association to Protect […]

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Ontario’s Poor Fiscal Management and Staggering Debt is Dragging Down the Rest of the Country

Jack Mintz — Financial Post — April 8, 2014 Ontario’s growth has lagged the rest of Canada, averaging less than 1% annually since 2009 With Quebec’s election over, we can turn to Ontario where a scandal-plagued Liberal government will soon present its 2014 budget – and possibly trigger a spring election. Ontario is sagging under […]

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Thanks to the McGuinty Liberals, Ontario’s ‘Have Not’ Status since 2009/2010 is dragging down the entire country

Thanks again to the billion dollar boondoggles and massive waste of the McGuinty Liberals, the entire country is being dragged down the economic abyss.   Maybe it’s time to seriously look at seceding the 416 area from not just this province, but from this country.   They can then take their corrupt Liberal politicians and their massive […]

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A Tale of Two Wind Facilities — Ontario, Canada and Ocotillo, California

Last summer (2012) Quixotes did a video of the inefficiency of wind energy in Ontario using the 160 turbine facility at Melanchton as an example. A fellow wind group in Ocotillo (pronounced Okoteeyo) California has made some strikingly similar videos using the 112 wind turbines that currently surround their tiny town in the desert. The interesting […]

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The Involvement of the Mafia in Green Energy has now Spread across Europe, the Americas and Australia.

A new Europol report cites an “emerging trend” of Mafia involvement in the wind and renewable energy industry across Europe, the Americas and Australia. The attraction is clear: huge subsidies, guaranteed markets and prices – and a serious opportunity for money-laundering.   Peter Glover — Trending Central — August 5, 2013 The report Threat Assessment: Italian […]

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Women and the abuse excuse: How our justice system has completely gone off the rails

I know this has nothing to do with wind turbines, but I am so fed up with what women get away with in our justice system.  It’s absolutely appalling.  Women literally get away with murder by using any number of a myriad of excuses that men would NEVER get away with.  Here’s a perfect example […]

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Wind power’s prevailing direction in Canada? Big and foreign-owned

Richard Blackwell — Globe and Mail — April 8, 2013 The vast majority of Canadian wind power production is now controlled by a handful of large companies, many of them foreign owned, replacing community groups that were initially seen as the backbone of alternative energy production. The takeover of the business by large companies is […]

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Bad hair day? Wind turbines may be to blame

Steve Rennie — The Canadian Press — February 15, 2013 OTTAWA – Having a bad hair day? Wind turbines could be to blame. The amount of the stress hormone cortisol found in people’s hair could help scientists understand the potential health impacts that may arise from exposure to low-frequency noise and vibrations from wind turbines. […]

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Ottawa tweaks methods for study on possible health effects of wind farms

The Canadian Press — February 10, 2013 OTTAWA — Health Canada says it has tweaked its methods for a study on the possible link between wind farms and the adverse health effects reported by those living near them. Ottawa announced last summer it would conduct the study, a decision that was lauded by opponents of […]

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Against the wind — Health studies warranted

Robert Bryce — New York Post — October 17, 2012 Gov. Cuomo last month ordered state officials to study the health effects of hydraulic fracturing — and so continued to prevent drillers from exploiting the Marcellus Shale. But if he’s truly interested in public health, the governor must also put a freeze on wind-energy projects […]

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Canada’s wind turbine health study garners support from overseas

A mighty wind Aaron Wherry — MacLeans — July 30, 2012 Leona Aglukkaq’s request for a Health Canada study of wind turbines wins support from another Conservative MP, this one in Britain. Andrew Percy says, “Many people living close to these giant wind farms report health impacts including depression, sleep disturbance and behaviour changes and it is […]

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