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4 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Argument to say Cats Kill More Birds than Wind Turbines

Tip o’ the hat to Tehachapi Communities for Responsible Energy Development Chris Clarke — KCET — 2013 A recent Nature article offered up some shocking statistics about the number of wild animals likely killed by outdoor domestic cats each year, and it’s gotten a lot of buzz. According to theresearch, outdoor cats — most of them […]

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Photo credit -- Mark Duchamp

Thankfully, the word is continuing to spread regarding the destructive nature of wind turbines.

Dispelling the cats, buildings vs. wind farm bird death myth Cathy Taibbi — Wildlife Conservation — Examiner.com — June 30, 2012 It’s been a tiresome retort from spokespeople defending the wind industry: “More birds are killed by cats and glass buildings than by wind farms, so wind farms are OK.” Really? That makes it ‘OK’? […]

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