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Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret: They are Ineffective at Displacing CO2 Emissions

Rupert Darwall — National Review — September 22, 2014 Renewable energy has become a potent rallying cry uniting Hollywood and the Beltway. “We can move our economy town by town, state by state to renewable energy and a sustainable future,” Leonardo DiCaprio says in his eight-minute climate movie Carbon, released in August. In his fiscal-showdown […]

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After wind energy sent power bills soaring, Germany’s cuts to clean energy subsidies has turbine makers worried

Stefan Nicola — Bloomberg — January 20, 2014 Germany’s clean-energy industry said government plans to accelerate cuts in aid to developers of wind and solar power plants threaten to derail the country’s transition to renewable sources from nuclear energy. Wind-turbine maker Nordex SE (NDX1), which has benefited from booming installations on land, fell to its lowest […]

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Germany may need to — er — “adjust” its own clean-energy standards

Erika Johnsen — Hot Air — July 21, 2012 As one of Europe’s more fiscally sane, politically organized, and self-fancied forward-thinking countries, Germany — Europe’s largest economy — has touted itself as a leader in government-sponsored clean-energy development and sustainability progress. The Germans have been supporting all sorts of venture socialism in the green-energy industry […]

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