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Dear Climate Alarmists — We Will Never Forget nor Forgive

Adam Piggott — XYZ .net.au — February 7, 2017 It’s been a rough ten years as a so-called “climate denier”. Every year the climate data would show a complete refusal to follow the accepted and official line, and every year the faith of the climate change faithful only seemed to get stronger and stronger. And […]

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Climate Alarmists say that Weather Data Proving Their Predictions Wrong is Just “Dumb Luck”

This New Report On Hurricanes Is Sure To Get A Stormy Reception By Climate Change Alarmists Norvell Rose – Western Journalism – Climate Change Dispatch –  December 1,  2014 On the website of The Nature Conservancy is the kind of matter-of-fact conclusion based on “scientific research” that you can find repeated, echoed, and amplified by numerous groups promoting a […]

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We’re Calling It Now: When Will the Alarmists Take the Credit??

Note the date — September 13, 2014 Over the past few years, I’ve kept tabs on the earths atmospheric content of CO2 as measured at the Keeling Observatory at Mauna Loa , Hawaii. It seems we’ve been bumping up against the 400ppm mark for awhile now and haven’t blasted through and accelerated up to the […]

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