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Ontario — Shutdown of Coal Plants Raised Electricity Rates, Failed to Reduce Pollution

Antonella Artuso — Toronto Sun — January 17, 2017 Ontario’s hell-bent determination to phase out coal-fired generation raised electricity rates without significantly improving air pollution levels, a new Fraser Institute report says. Report co-author Ross McKitrick, an economics professor at the University of Guelph, said the findings should act as a cautionary tale for Alberta […]

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German Action on Climate Change: 99% moralistic, 1% real

“Germany is now the worst polluter in the EU. Her CO2 emissions have risen substantially” Helian Unbound — October 4, 2014 No doubt the outcome of the Nazi unpleasantness resulted in attitude adjustment in Germany on a rather large scale. Clearly, however, it didn’t teach the Germans humility. At a time when a secular mutation […]

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Parker Gallant: Thunder Bay, gored with the Wynne

Originally posted on Energy Probe:
(November 24, 2013) Seen by the Liberals and Environmental Defence (ED) as a breath taking moment for Ontario, the high priest of Global Warming, Al Gore arrived in Toronto to heap praise on the Premier and the Ontario Liberal Party at an event at MaRS Discovery District on November 21,…

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Germany: Coal power expanding, Green Energy stagnating

Der Westen — July 25, 2013 German coal-fired power plants have been operating in full swing in the first half of 2013. Lignite and hard coal power plants and gas plants produced 12.4 percent more power than last year. In contrast, wind turbines and solar panels delivered less electricity. German greenhouse gas emissions continue to […]

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The Wind blows Germany to coal — Financial Post

Nota Bene — Financial Post — August 29, 2012 From “Germany’s new ‘renewable’ energy policy,” a commentary by Kelvin Kemm, member of the international board of advisors of the Washington-based Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: In mid-August, Germany opened a new 2,200 megawatt coal-fired power station near Cologne, and virtually not a word has been […]

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Why Using Coal Plants as the Scapegoat for Death and Illness in Ontario is a ridiculous argument

(Editor’s Note:  Another repost at a time when we need to remind people of how McGuinty has destroyed rural Ontario) Whenever I get into a debate with someone over wind turbines, they always haul out that old dated nugget about coal plants.  No matter whether I’m debating someone online or in person, they play the […]

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Germany — Insane Or Just Plain Stupid?

James Conca — Forbes — August 31, 2012 After the tsunami destroyed the Fukushima plants, Germany moved quickly to shut eight nuclear power plants, and made plans do away completely with their nuclear capability. Despite the best safety record of any industry in the country, and the critical role nuclear plays in fueling German industry, […]

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