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Nebraska: Wind-turbine deals leave some landowners uneasy

Carson Vaughan — Omaha.com — July 3, 2014 Landowners who receive royalty checks for having wind turbines on their land aren’t without their own concerns. When Sempra U.S. Gas & Power completes development of Broken Bow II later this year, rancher Dave Haumont estimated he’ll be leasing out at least 15 turbine sites across his […]

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Financial Post: Ontario DOES have a Way to Kill Green Energy Contracts

Bruce Pardy — Financial Post — May 14, 2014 Hudak’s Ontario Conservatives can easily and legally negate the giveaways the Liberals had lavished on renewables developers Tim Hudak says the Ontario Conservatives, if elected, will cancel lucrative wind and solar contracts put in place under the Liberals’ green energy program. Can he do so without […]

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Mike Crawley & FIT Contracts — Liberal Corruption Making Millions

Tip o’ the hat to Robert Stocki for this find.  It really is time to bring every one of these corrupt Liberal thugs to justice.  Forget the OPP, it’s way too big for that.  We need a full-scale RCMP criminal investigation into the underhanded, unethical and amoral dealings of the Liberal Party. Lowell Green from […]

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European Governments ripping up renewable contracts. Why can’t Ontario?

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — Maruch 18, 2014 Companies ‘do not have a right [to expect the compensation] not to be changed’ Governments across Europe, regretting the over-generous deals doled out to the renewable energy sector, have begun reneging on them. To slow ruinous power bills hikes, governments are unilaterally rewriting contracts and clawing […]

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Cutbacks to existing contracts rattle Europe’s renewables proponents

From Cold Air Currents (Scott Luft) — February 17, 2013 There have been a number of stories over the past couple of weeks on changes to wind and solar payments on existing contracts. Germany is attempting to control electricity costs after it’s EEG, considered a renewables’ surcharge, jumped to over 5 euro cents/kWh in this, […]

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Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts (from the viewpoint of the landowner)

Assessing the legal and financial risks of contracts under Ontario’s Green Energy Act This website contains information that it is hoped will assist rural landowners in gaining a better understanding of some of the legal and financial risks involved in signing an agreement for the construction and operation on their property of one or more […]

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Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts — Feed-In Tariff

Feed-in-tariff Contract A wind turbine company requires both a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Contract from the Ontario Power Authority (which allows it to sell the electricity it produces) and a Renewal Energy Approval (REA) from the Ministry of the Environment (which consolidates essentially the entire regulatory approval process into one application) in order to proceed with […]

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Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts — Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

Assessing the legal and financial risks of contracts under Ontario’s Green Energy Act Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements These can arise in two places: (a) in the wind turbine agreement itself, or (b) in a subsequent buyout agreement in the increasing number of reported ————-situations where the wind company has bought out nearby landowners —————complaining of health problems […]

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Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts — Insurance and Lawsuits

Insurance Wind turbine agreements may but do not always refer to the obligation of the wind company to maintain insurance and are frequently vaguely worded and described only in the most general times if at all. Some agreements may only state that the company will save and indemnify the landowner against actions, suits, claims and […]

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Wind Turbine Contracts — Environmental Liability

Environmental liability Some wind turbine contracts may contain a provision similar to the following: “The wind turbine company shall be responsible for and save harmless the landowner from any and all costs, actions, suits, claims, demands and expenses which may at any time be asserted against the landowner in connection with environmental contamination on the […]

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Wind Turbine Contracts — Decommissioning

Well, after a very very long time, I finally have the answer to my most asked question.  “Who is responsible for taking down these behemoths once they reach the end of their lifespan??”   Thanks to this website, ( OWTC ) I now know the answer.  Ultimately, it may very well fall in the laps of my children […]

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