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David Suzuki: Supporting wind power makes sense (More Proof that Suzuki’s an idiot.)

(Editor’s Note: Not content to make a fool of himself in Australia, Suzuki pens the following. — DQ) David Suzuki — April 1, 2014 I HAVE A cabin on Quadra Island off the British Columbia coast that’s as close to my heart as you can imagine. From my porch you can see clear across the […]

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David Suzuki trashes wind industry health studies including Simon Chapmans!!!!

What David Suzuki said (on Australia’s Q&A show) …. “We simply don’t know enough to anticipate the consequences of very powerful technologies like this.  Something much simpler called DDT when we used it, I mean, Paul Müller won the Nobel Prize for discovering DDT kills insects.  But once it was used out in open fields — […]

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Australia’s Q&A reveals David Suzuki as a complete know-nothing by very first question

Andrew Bolt — The Herald Sun — September 23, 2013 David Suzuki on the very first question is revealed as a complete know-nothing. His questioner tells him that the main climate data sets show no real warming for some 15 years. Suzuki asks for the references, which he should have known if he knew anything […]

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David Suzuki: Health effects from wind power unfounded

David Suzuki — Straight.com — April 16, 2013 OPPOSITION TO WINDMILLS often centres on health effects, but what is it about wind power that causes people to feel ill? According to recent research, it may not be the infrasound from wind-energy installations but, oddly enough, the warnings from opponents. For a study published in the American Psychological Association’sHealth […]

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The agony of David Suzuki

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — April 14, 2012 David Suzuki should be a happy man. As Canada’s patron saint of the environmental movement, he has led a seismic shift in public consciousness that has fundamentally changed the way we think and live. Fifty years after the birth of the environmental movement – which […]

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