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Ontario Election: Working Families Exposed and Deb Matthews on the Hot Seat Again

1)  The Working Families Coalition has been exposed as being nothing more than a gang of old white dudes who spend millions and millions of union member paid dollars to try to keep their arch nemesis — the PC party —  out of Queen’s Park. Click on the link and sign the petition to stop […]

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Wow, look at this. Deleted emails with the Ornge scandal too.

Melanie Anderson — QMI Agency — June 28, 2013 LONDON, Ont. – Ontario officials may have deleted e-mails about the controversial Ornge air ambulance, Health Minister Deb Matthews acknowledged Thursday. Her comments were made after her ministry turned over 1.5 million documents about Ornge to the public accounts committee, more than 100 boxes in all, […]

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Update on little Liam’s eye surgery….no thanks to the Dalton gang

Dalton McGuinty, health minister failed Liam and Erika Christina Blizzard — Toronto Sun — October 25, 2012 TORONTO – The more I cover politics, the more I’m convinced of two universal truths: 1. You can always count on politicians to do the wrong thing. 2. When the chips are down, when our politicians have failed us, you […]

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I wonder where we can find a good used guillotine?

Perhaps if McGuinty and his band of merry jackasses were threatened with a Marie Antoinette and King Louis demise, they’d get their collective S!$% together and start running this province  the way it should be run.  I think I’ll get out my knitting needles.  One can hope, can’t she? — DQ MCGUINTY RENEGES ON HIS […]

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