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Dispelling the “Climate Denier” narrative

Believing that Climate Change is a natural cyclical event, does NOT make you a climate denier!!!  I still hear that ridiculous talking point made by the believers of AGW (manmade climate change), that if you don’t believe man is responsible, then you don’t believe the climate changes at all.  Completely false and completely ridiculous.  There […]

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Dear Climate Alarmists — We Will Never Forget nor Forgive

Adam Piggott — XYZ .net.au — February 7, 2017 It’s been a rough ten years as a so-called “climate denier”. Every year the climate data would show a complete refusal to follow the accepted and official line, and every year the faith of the climate change faithful only seemed to get stronger and stronger. And […]

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Dear Global Warming Denier

(Tip of the hat to Maggies Farm) Dear Global Warming Denier It has come to my attention that there are still people out there ‘denying’ our planet from achieving her natural destiny, and I find such actions absolutely reprehensible.  It’s not that I’m any kind of die-hard ‘naturalist’ or ‘environmentalist’, but I do consider myself a ‘citizen […]

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