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Great Humorous Piece on The Insanity of Climate Change Deniers

From The Blaze.com Matt Walsh — January 28, 2015 Got this message yesterday from a very concerned climate change alarmist: Hi Matt, I read you sometimes but I generally find you to be an assh*le. Just being honest. I also think you have a reputation (or you’d like to think you have a reputation) as […]

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Master Resource: Climate Desperadoes – The Real ‘Deniers’ (part 1)

Paul Driessen — September 23, 2013 “The real climate change ‘deniers’ are the alarmists who deny that natural forces still dominate weather and climate events, and refuse to acknowledge that thousands of scientists do not agree with IPCC proclamations and prescriptions.” The old saws of climate alarmism getting increasingly desperate and intolerant in the face of contrary […]

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Objective Science Unmasks Global Warming Alarmists As The True Science ‘Deniers’

James Taylor — Forbes — September 20, 2013 The Heartland Institute yesterday released Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science, which hits global warming alarmists with objective data and peer-reviewed studies the way Mike Tyson hit Michael Spinks with uppercut lefts and overhand rights. The new peer-reviewed report, known as CCR-2, includes more than 1,000 pages documenting the evidence […]

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Rolling Stone Attacks Global Warming ‘Deniers’ As Anti-Science, Then Commits Big Scientific Blunder

Alex Epstein — Forbes — September 16, 2013 Last week,  I learned that I had achieved every young musician’s dream–I made a Rolling Stone Top 10 List. Unfortunately, I am no musician and it was no compliment. I was, along with the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, named one of the magazine’s “Global Warming’s Denier […]

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The real deniers of climate change

Foolish doom-criers stand fast despite a chill David Deming — The Washington Times — April 23, 2013 The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing unusually cold weather. Snow cover  last December was the greatest since satellite monitoring began in 1966. The  United Kingdom had the coldest March weather in 50 years, and there were more  than a […]

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Professor Calls for Death Penalty for Climate Change Deniers

Timothy Birdnow — American Thinker — December 31. 2012 It is as inevitable as the rising of the sun; the Left, when thwarted in their quest for power, suggests the use of lethal force to compel those who disagree. There is a nauseating litany of murders done by our betters in their pursuit of the […]

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“Climate Change” is now an entity with feelings and vendettas

(Editor’s Note:  One of the funniest headlines I’ve read in a long LONG time. “Climate change causing drought in states that don’t believe in climate change” There  you have it.  Climate change has now morphed into a living, thinking being.  Absolutely unbelievable.  No, it’s not a belief.  It is the new religion and “Climate Change” […]

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