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Why are greens so keen to destroy the world’s wildlife?

This pursuit of the dream of “carbon-free energy” is creating an ecological catastrophe Christopher Booker — The Telegraph — July 4, 2015 Last week’s scenes of green campaigners exulting at the decision by 10 Lancashire county councillors to reject an application to erect a drilling rig for fracking near Preston – on the grounds that […]

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Australia Video: How Wind Farms Destroy the Environment Part 4 — Health and Union Corruption

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Climate Scientologists (and Wind Developers) destroy nature in order to save it

Paul Mulshine (Over the Transom) — The Star Ledger — July 30, 2014 I recall reading a piece some time ago by an avid environmentalist who made a point lost on his fellow environmentalists: So-called “alternative” energy can have an effect on the environment even worse than conventional energy. This article about a plan to destroy a […]

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Ohio residents angry over destruction of State’s natural beauty by wind turbines

Logan County residents voice displeasure over proposed wind turbines Craig Kelly —  Lima Ohion.com — March 29, 2014 RUSSELLS POINT — A large crowd of concerned residents gathered Saturday at the Indian Lake Community Church hall in Russells Point to attend a meeting outlining the negative impact of wind turbines set to be installed in […]

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UK — Renewable energy and the death of British property rights

(Editors note:  Rural Ontario is only too familiar with this issue, thanks to our tyrannical premier — DQ) James Delingpole — September 4, 2012 As David Cameron may have learned when he read PPE at Oxford, property rights are a cornerstone of our liberty, our security, our civilisation. Wiser political thinkers than Dave have long […]

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