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New Video Shows the Devastation To the Natural Beauty Surrounding Loch Ness

Sign the petition to the Scottish government to stop this assault on the beautiful country of Scotland by greedy wind developers….click here.

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Ireland: Winter of Discontent on Way as Energy Bills Rise Thanks to Wind Turbines

We are paying more for electricity and gas due 
to the State’s ‘Alice in 
Wonderland’ policies, 
writes Colm McCarthy The Independent — August 10, 2014 The cost of electricity to households and to industry has been a hot topic in the United Kingdom over the past couple of years and could be a key issue […]

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Beware of Wolves Wrapped in Climate Change Clothing (We Know Who They Are)

Alan Moran — Institute of Public Affairs —  April 4, 2014  In The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio’s mentor says, “Nobody knows if the stocks will go up, down, sideways” and explains that the stockbroker’s job is to “Move the money from your client’s pocket into your pocket”. There are similarities with the climate change […]

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Maine rural residents lose battle to be treated as equal citizens by pro-wind government

Naomi Schalit and John Christie — Pine Tree Watchdog — June 19, 2013 “I feel like a citizen who is seen to be of less value than my neighbors,” said Karen Bessey Pease, after Maine Senate Democrats Wednesday sidelined an effort to give her and other residents of the state’s most rural areas a say […]

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UK — Wind farm developers face new wave of opposition from MPs

Edward Malnick — The Telegraph — April 14, 2013 Wind farm developers are facing a dramatic escalation of opposition from dozens of MPs who say they will fight every application in their constituencies. The MPs, many of whom have until now only opposed particular proposals, believe their intervention will make it more difficult for planning […]

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UK — Wind developers hit new low (as if that’s possible) — recruitment of children

Wind farm company targets children to drum up support for more turbines Simon Johnson — The Telegraph — January 13, 2013 Primary pupils in North Ayrshire were handed plans, seemingly written by a developer, encouraging their parents to back a planning application for an extension to a wind farm in the area. The letter contained […]

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U.S. — New Year Anxiety for Wind Turbine Manufacturers. Installations expected to drop by 90% in 2013

Today’s Energy Solutions — December 30, 2012 While some of us will be ringing in the New Year with celebrations and resolutions, many wind turbine manufacturers are awaiting Jan. 1 with anxiety. That’s because when the ball drops at midnight, the federal wind production tax credit expires, and any turbine installed after that is not […]

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Developers of wind farms run a race against calendar

Matthew L. Wald — New York Times News — December 27, 2012 WASHINGTON — Forget about parties, resolutions or watching the ball drop. To Iberdrola Renewables, New Year’s Eve will mean checking on last-minute details like the data connections between 169 new wind turbines in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and California and its control center in […]

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UK — Wind farm developers use ‘tricks’ to make turbines look smaller

Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent — The Telegraph — August 22, 2012 Alan MacDonald, an architect based in Inverness, says that computer-generated images of turbines in planning applications are often little more than “artifice”. Small changes in the size of the photo, the angle at which it is taken, the zoom on the camera and how […]

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Wind Energy Lies and Broken Promises

From Wainfleet Wind Action Group — May 9, 2012 LIES my Developer Told Me…. The Wind Energy Developers stick to a well-trodden path of truths, half-truths and lies when making their case for IWT’s to the Public. The most common of these are: – technical facts on height and power output (truths); – shaded technical […]

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