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Scotland to become a ‘wind farm landscape’

Under the category of “Nobody Ravages the World More Devastatingly Than an Environmentalist“.   I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland to see the beautiful countryside and the lovely rolling green hills.  I guess that dream is permanently gone.  Does the government of these countries not understand that the natural beauty of their land is often […]

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Ontario power: Why Ontario effectively paid its neighbours $214,584.24 in one weekend hour to take our power

Mild temperatures, high winds, spring run-off and a weekend combined to send the price of power below zero on Sunday in Ontario. But despite the near-record negative price – which means, in theory, that producers are paying customers to take electricity – Ontario ratepayers will still pick up the tab. The market price of electricity […]

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Wales in revolt over mammoth wind farm scheme by Christopher Booker — May 21, 2011 On Tuesday the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff will see the biggest demonstration so far in Britain against the disaster now being set in train across the land by the Government’s infatuation with wind power. Nowhere is this more obvious than […]

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