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The EU wants to spend $7 TRillion on projects that do nothing to fight climate change

The EU proposes spending that much on projects that will barely reduce temperatures or lower sea levels. Bjorn Lomborg — Project Syndicate — November 29, 2013 Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce. Unfortunately, bad political choices often make these policies even less cost-effective. Consider the European Union’s 20-20 […]

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U.S. – Big Subsidies for wind, solar don’t make sense

Kerri Houston Tolozcko — Common Wealth — November 13, 2013 SINCE COMING INTO office nearly six years ago, President Barack Obama has pushed America into charting a course toward energy independence that employs a portfolio that includes every possible fuel source. He calls it his all-of-the-above strategy. What he really means is all of the energy […]

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UK — “A Horrendous Energy Crunch” … increasingly clear that intermittent renewables don’t deliver

Roger Helmer — February 27, 2013 A horrendous energy crunch.  At least that’s how the Daily Mirror described it, and for once they weren’t exaggerating.  The USA may have its Fiscal Cliff, but we’ve got an Energy Abyss, a Power Precipice.  And let’s be clear — it was our green pretensions (or rather Brussels’ green pretensions) […]

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Two-thirds of Scottish Councils don’t know how many wind farms there are. And I bet the same is true for Ontario MPPs

Simon Johnson — Political Editor — The Telegraph — December 24, 2012 Asked by the Conservatives how many turbines had been erected in their area, only 10 of 32 Scottish local authorities were able to provide a definite figure. A further dozen were able to provide an estimate based on planning applications they have approved, […]

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