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Lord Monkton Told by Climate Change ambassador in 2014 that Stephen Harper Would be Removed from Office by the U.N.

In an Australian interview in the fall of 2014, Lord Monkton stated that Sir David King, the Climate Change ambassador to the United Kingdom, was asked by the Environmental Committee of the House of Commons (Britain) if all the nations of the world were ready to sign the Global Warming Treaty in Paris (Fall of […]

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Third in our Wynne focus series — the Sudbury election

The complete lack of moral fibre and integrity behind the Sudbury voters decision to hand the Liberals another win, defies all logic and reasoning.

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Getting Out The Message: Google, Media and Their Influence on This Election

Shortly after this election started, I noticed something interesting with my Google Alerts.  In case you don’t know what that is, you can subscribe to Google for specific topics.  For instance, if I want to read every article on Climate Change, I create a Google Alert and every time something about that subject is published, a […]

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Energy Prices Should Be Big Ontario Election Issue

Ellen Roseman — Toronto Star — June 10, 2014 Rising energy prices – up about five per cent this year – are squeezing consumers’ budgets, according to a recent Scotiabank report. The typical household spends $5,000 a year on energy, including gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, electricity and water. All (except natural gas) have far […]

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What Wynne is NOT Talking About

Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng. — June 5, 2014 We’d have to admit this is a most boring campaign given that we have made up our minds long ago including the sit on the fence types who don’t vote. Therefore our curiosity wanders and we find interest in what is not being said. The […]

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Unions Spending $4 Billion To Run Attack Ads at Hudak — Time to Stop this Outrageous Abuse

(Editor’s Note:  This explains why TV stations like CITYTV have become the 24 hour “Attack Tim Hudak” channels.  All day long, every commercial break there are TWO anti-Tim Hudak ads.  It has become totally insane.  We are in desperate need of legislation to prevent this abuse of our election process.  Thanks to Colette for this […]

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This Week’s Kathleen Wynne poster. I love Kathleen in this one.

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Ontario Election: Working Families Exposed and Deb Matthews on the Hot Seat Again

1)  The Working Families Coalition has been exposed as being nothing more than a gang of old white dudes who spend millions and millions of union member paid dollars to try to keep their arch nemesis — the PC party —  out of Queen’s Park. Click on the link and sign the petition to stop […]

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Ontario: Hey, just what’s in a billion these days?

(Donna’s Notes:  My apologies to all of our followers who live outside of Ontario.  We’re in the midst of an election here and we’re trying to oust the turbine-loving, corrupt Liberal government.  So over the next few weeks, I will be posting articles aimed at exposing their corruption.  Please bear with us during this next […]

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New Liberal Lawn Signs for the Ontario Election

Thanks to Steve for the inspiration!!!

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Election time in Ontario

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Liberals gearing up for snap provincial election — Bring it on BABY!!!

Robert Benzie — Toronto Star — April 19, 2013 Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority Liberals are girding for an election campaign that could be triggered as early as mid-May. With mounting concerns NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will join forces with Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudakin toppling the Liberals by voting against the upcoming budget, the Grits are […]

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NDP hotline phone number

For those interested, NDP leader, Andrea Horwath has opened up a hot line to get opinions from voters on whether she should send us back to the polls. If anyone else wants to call, the number is toll free 1-855-668-2348.  

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