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German Action on Climate Change: 99% moralistic, 1% real

“Germany is now the worst polluter in the EU. Her CO2 emissions have risen substantially” Helian Unbound — October 4, 2014 No doubt the outcome of the Nazi unpleasantness resulted in attitude adjustment in Germany on a rather large scale. Clearly, however, it didn’t teach the Germans humility. At a time when a secular mutation […]

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Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret: They are Ineffective at Displacing CO2 Emissions

Rupert Darwall — National Review — September 22, 2014 Renewable energy has become a potent rallying cry uniting Hollywood and the Beltway. “We can move our economy town by town, state by state to renewable energy and a sustainable future,” Leonardo DiCaprio says in his eight-minute climate movie Carbon, released in August. In his fiscal-showdown […]

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Ten Years and Billions of Dollars Spent on Wind Later: Germany’s Emissions Remain Unchanged

Julia Mengewein — Bloomberg — September 22, 2014 When Germany kicked off its journey toward a system harnessing energy from wind and sun back in 2000, the goal was to protect the environment and build out climate-friendly power generation. More than a decade later, Europe’s biggest economy is on course to miss its 2020 climate […]

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Green Energy Programs Often Increase Emissions

Dan Well — News Max —  August 20, 2013 From the Wall Street Journal: The Obama administration’s environmentally-oriented energy programs actually increase carbon emissions in some cases, according to a Wall Street Journal editorial. Journal editors reach that conclusion based on a report on energy subsidies released by the National Academies in June. In 2008 Congress formed […]

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Parents Demand Protection for their Children from Wind Turbine emissions

Queen’s Park     —   April 16, 2013   “Premier Wynne, 550 meters is too close!”   A group of determined parents will arrive at Queen’s Park on Thursday morning April 18 at 11:30 to demand a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne to discuss the risks to their children from industrial wind turbines. The group […]

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CO2 Emissions Reductions are Overstated by Wind Energy — Here’s why….

(You probably need to be an engineer to understand this study on C02 emission claims by wind groups, so I’ll cut to the chase and let those of you who understand all of this kind of data read it for yourselves.  Therefore, I’m putting the summary first and last and the data link in the middle. — […]

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Canada — Climate Alert Misses Target (and point)

Editorial — Toronto Sun — June 14, 2012 Even if you’re of the opinion that the bulk of climatological experts are correct and climate change is a problem, the latest warning that Canada isn’t doing enough about it still rings awfully hollow. For one, we’re not a major global contributor. If we bankrupted our economy […]

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