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Wind Industry is “full of yahoos” who haven’t done their homework on their effects on wildlife

Wind Turbines Are Killing the Lesser Prairie Chicken Ross Kenneth Urken — Newsweek — May 5, 2015 The lesser prairie chicken is a strange-looking bird, ungainly in its movement. It has honking red air sacs on its throat, a tufted feather faux-hawk and a particularly squat stature. The ill-proportioned grouse species congregates each spring on […]

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A Little Endangered Butterfly has a Great Lesson for Mankind about Climate Change — ADAPT!

Nature shows man the way — again.  Endangered butterfly defies climate change with new diet and habitat Patrick Barkham — The Guardian — April 7, 2014 A butterfly species whose population collapsed because of climate change and habitat loss has defied predictions of extinction to rapidly move to cooler climes and change its food plant. […]

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Most endangered whale species put at further risk by offshore wind

Peter Bacque — Richmond Times Dispatch — November 15, 2013 Virginia offshore wind development efforts are running into concerns about protecting endangered whales. The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered whale species on the planet, the Virginia Conservation Network’s Chelsea Harnish told the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority Wednesday. “The wind […]

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Jim Wiegand: Wind turbines and bad news for Whooping Cranes

This whooping crane survey was quietly released last week. From the numbers given it is very bad news. There should be a solid 400 whooping cranes in this years count. The new “Elmer Fudd” methodology with a 95% confidence interval (CI) claims there could be anywhere from 178 to 362 left. It’s a disgrace and a cover-up. The […]

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Bill 55 allows foreign companies to kill Ontario’s endangered species

ONTARIO’S ENDANGERED SPECIES THREATENED BY WIND  TURBINES  The  amendments hidden in the government’s budget bill will allow the Minister to  grant exemptions from the provincial legislation protecting endangered species  which presently prohibits anyone from harming, killing, or destroying the  habitat of a threatened species. The  Minister will now be able to excuse from prosecution under […]

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