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Ireland: Winter of Discontent on Way as Energy Bills Rise Thanks to Wind Turbines

We are paying more for electricity and gas due 
to the State’s ‘Alice in 
Wonderland’ policies, 
writes Colm McCarthy The Independent — August 10, 2014 The cost of electricity to households and to industry has been a hot topic in the United Kingdom over the past couple of years and could be a key issue […]

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Parker Gallant tears apart the global adjustment figures used by wind proponents

A BIG thanks to Wind Concerns Ontario for this one!! Parker Gallant — September 6, 2012 Environmental Defence & Pembina Institute’s Sleight of Hand When the Auditor General, Jim McCarter released his report on the Renewable Energy Initiatives it hit the environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) hard. It reflected media attention on the mess that the electricity sector […]

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UK –Energy bills to soar by more than £300 a year because of obsession with wind power, report claims

Report to be handed to Government says that electricity prices for average home will go up 58% by 2020 because of turbines Government’s green energy plans are an expensive ‘blunder’, expert professor says Martin Robinson – Daily Mail — August 7, 2012 Britain’s ‘obsession’ with wind farms will push up family electricity bills by more […]

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