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A Heartbreaking Video of Another Family Forced to Leave Ontario

The Ontario Liberals should really be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity or any other breech of public trust laws that can be found.  They are the most uncaring, callous government this country has ever seen. Click on picture to view video.   Related video: Hydro Prices Devastating Rural Ontario      

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Energy poverty in Ontario — Mel and John’s story

Melanie (Mel) and her husband, John, live with their two preschool children in a 3 bedroom bungalow just south of Owen Sound.  Mel and John both work full-time while her mother cares for their children. “Day care is totally out of the question,” she says.  “We have to save every extra penny for our hydro […]

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Energy Poverty — A. H.’s story

A.H. is a single mother of a teenage daughter and small business owner who lives in Port Elgin.  A has been self-employed for the past 30 years and is proud of her accomplishments in that time. One thing that she has noticed happening at an alarming rate for the past 5 years is that everything she’s worked for […]

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Energy Poverty — G.K.’s story

G.K. and his family live just south of Shelburne in a century home. Heat is provided by an oil furnace, so heating is relatively cheap at the moment. Heat isn’t the main concern for them. Keeping the lights on — is.  Buying food  — is.  Buying gas to get to work — is. Their hydro bill […]

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Energy Poverty — A.G.’s Story

A.G. and her husband live in Bruce County.   A.G. works part-time. Her husband works full-time.   They used to have a house heated solely by electric baseboard, but after watching their hydro bills steadily skyrocket, they decided four years ago to install a gas furnace to cut back on their electricity costs.  With the […]

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Energy Poverty — E.P.’s story

E. P. is a single woman in her 50’s, living in Kitchener, in an electric baseboard-heated apartment. Each unit has its own meter, so she is billed directly for her hydro usage. Instead of turning on the heat, she wears socks and slippers and a housecoat over her clothing.   She has two sleeping bags […]

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Energy Poverty in Ontario. We want to hear from you!

The Roy Green radio show this past weekend discussed the massive hardship that is being caused in Ontario by the Liberal Party headed by Kathleen Wynne.   Some people called in with their stories of what they’re enduring living third world lives in a country like Canada.  It’s a cautionary tale to other voters who […]

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Ontario welcomes Energy Poverty similar to Germany and the UK

Jatin Nathwani — The Globe and Mail — December 9, 2013 The sting of high electricity costs – and the potential for more pain in the near term – has decisively punctured Ontario’s infatuation with high-cost renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. “Achieving Balance” – the latest version of the province’s Long-Term Energy Plan – […]

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Under the category of “You just can’t make this $#it up”…. Baroness says that electric blankets are a great way for people who can’t afford their electricity bill to stay warm.

(Editor’s Note:  Doesn’t this sound EXACTLY like something either Bob Chiarelli or Kathleen Wynne would say to the serfs in Ontario? — DQ) Georgia Graham — The Telegraph (UK) — December 3, 2013 People should use electric blankets to reduce their energy bills a Conservative peer has said. Baroness Rawlings, a former Government whip, said […]

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Germany’s Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good

Tip o’ the hat to No Tricks Zone for this story Der Spiegel — September 5, 2013 Three Parts: How Energy Became a Luxury Good German consumers already pay the highest electricity prices in Europe. But because the government is failing to get the costs of its new energy policy under control, rising prices are […]

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Scottish opposition to wind turbines grows and is just as strong as in Ontario

(A new group has been brought to my attention, that has formed in Scotland.  From reading their website and data, again, I have to wonder why none of this is information that is broadcast by mainstream media.  Similar to the growing opposition in Germany, Australia, England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, and so on, over here […]

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Energy Abundance vs. the Poverty of Energy Literacy

Kenneth P. Green — The American — June 12, 2012 Energy is all around us and we consume copious quantities of it. We only question it when it’s expensive or not there. Therein lies a challenge for politics and society.  This essay is the first in a series that will explore issues in energy literacy […]

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