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Wind Farms Divide Environmentalists: Renewable Energy vs. Dead Birds

Rob Nikolewski — Daily Signal — August 2014 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Paul Domski is a falconer and a bird lover. And he seriously doesn’t like wind farms or the federal government’s recent decision to protect wind energy companies from punishment for 30 years for killing eagles. “If I was the country’s energy czar, I’d get rid of […]

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The Environmental Movement Becomes a Bird-Killing Machine

Dr. Merrill Matthews — The Institute for Policy Innovation — August 19, 2014 It’s not just wind turbines wiping out thousands of birds; it turns out that solar plants can also take a heavy toll. The Associated Press reports that federal wildlife officials have visited a state-of-the-art solar energy plant in the Mojave Desert to […]

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A history lesson for todays young environmentalists

So often when I’m reading various articles about global warming or as it’s now called — ‘climate change’ — I see comments made by people from young-er generations stating that the baby boom generation doesn’t give a damn about the planet.  We’ve destroyed it with our insatiable greed leaving nothing for them but ashes. I’ve […]

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Now that Global Warming is Dead, environmentalists are gearing up for next scare story

Population Explosion in the 60’s.  Global Cooling and Ozone Layer in the 70’s.  Acid rain in the 80’s.  Global warming in the 90’s.  Next scare will be acid oceans. P. Gosselin — No Tricks Zone — October 5, 2013 Swiss Journalist Predicts: “Climate Catastrophe Will Soon Be Forgotten” Like All Other Environmental Scare Stories It’s […]

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An Open Letter to Fellow Environmentalists — from a former renewables advocate

(Donna’s note:  This should be sent to every politician and every ‘green’ person in your life to help them understand that those of us who are against the industrialization of rural countrysides with wind turbines are NOT ‘anti-earth’, but are in fact the last battalion left standing who understand the destructive nature of these supposedly […]

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How environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future.

John Brignell They are green on the outside, but under the skin the deepest of reds. Their methods are neo-Marxist, especially in the adoption of a form of Trotskyite entryism. The green veneer derives from their first successful coup in achieving control of the environmentalist group Greenpeace, resulting in the departure of original members such […]

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Environmentalists split on Green Energy Projects

With wind and solar farms proposed for protected areas, some environmentalists are taking the awkward position of opposing green projects. Rachel Mendleson — The Toronto Star — August 5, 2013 Cindy Sutch, who lives amid the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine, about 45 kilometres northeast of Oshawa, is a vocal advocate for the […]

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Cape Cod Lawmaker and environmentalists pushing for study of wind turbine health effects

Tip of the hat to Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact State House News Service — July 10, 2013 A Cape Cod lawmaker and environmentalists are pushing for a study of the health effects of wind turbines on residents who live near the energy-producing machines. Rep. Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown) told lawmakers on the Public […]

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Al Gore backlash: Why environmentalists are celebrating rising CO2 levels

Mike Adams — Natural News.com — June 2, 2013 (NaturalNews) Thank goodness carbon dioxide levels are finally rising ever so slightly in our atmosphere, bringing much-needed carbon dioxide to the plants and forests of the world which have been starving for CO2. The lack of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the most devastating limiting […]

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Why do Environmentalists give Big Wind a pass on their Bird and Bat Butchery?

Why do taxpayers have to subsidize this?  Why do environmentalists give it a free pass? Ron Arnold — Joe For America — May 21, 2013 It uses tons of fossil fuels every day, emits a greenhouse gas that’s like CO2 on steroids, can’t do the job it’s made for, costs taxpayers exorbitant fees, and makes […]

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U.S.- Environmentalists, Local Officials Oppose Wind Farms in Maryland

Bonner R. Cohen — Heartland.org — December 2012 Two wind farms in Maryland, one proposed and the other one already in operation, are running into stiff resistance from local authorities and residents, conservation groups, state officials, and the U.S. Navy. Threat to Naval Radar Plans to build a giant wind farm on 10,000 acres in […]

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U.S. — If ‘green’ energy advocates want clean, they can start among their own

James Stverak — Washington Examiner — December 27, 2012 Environmentalists and green activists have tried to regulate fossil fuels to death for decades and replace them with green, “clean” energy solutions. Despite all their efforts, the industry as a whole has had limited success. What many fail to notice, however, is that the green energy […]

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The agony of David Suzuki

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — April 14, 2012 David Suzuki should be a happy man. As Canada’s patron saint of the environmental movement, he has led a seismic shift in public consciousness that has fundamentally changed the way we think and live. Fifty years after the birth of the environmental movement – which […]

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The Daily Bayonet

Great GREAT site, dealing with the lunacy of environmentalists and their rush towards complete insanity. The Daily Bayonet Some examples from this very funny site: “California shore birds are threatened by rising sea levels. If only they had wings.” “Good news for the spotted owl, the Obama administration is taking action to save it. By shooting barred […]

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The Collapsing Case for ‘Green’ Energy

Berkeley’s Borenstein on an intellectual wrong turn by RBradley “Advocates of renewable energy feel cornered by the gridlock in Congress and waning interest in climate change. But arguing that renewable energy is the best way to address economic or security concerns isn’t the way to prevail. It just focuses the debate on issues where fossil […]

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