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Huge blow to wind industry — boost for nuclear power as EU shuns wind farm target

Ben Webster — The Times (UK) — January 11, 2014 Britain will be free to generate more of its energy from nuclear power and build fewer wind and solar farms after the European Commission rejected calls for a legally binding renewable energy target for 2030. The Commission has accepted Britain’s argument that EU member states […]

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The EU wants to spend $7 TRillion on projects that do nothing to fight climate change

The EU proposes spending that much on projects that will barely reduce temperatures or lower sea levels. Bjorn Lomborg — Project Syndicate — November 29, 2013 Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce. Unfortunately, bad political choices often make these policies even less cost-effective. Consider the European Union’s 20-20 […]

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EU Climate Commissar Hedegaard admits it’s all coming apart

Tony Aardvark — November 10, 2013 Later today the 19th UN Climate Circus will begin in Warsaw, Poland. Expectations are low for the outcome of COP19, in a change from previous years where high expectations have been dashed continually, a new tactic of low expectation has appeared where the only way is up. Most of […]

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European Wind victims lodge recourse before EU Court of Justice citing breach of Aarhus Convention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) regroup 596 associations of actual and potential victims of windfarms from 24 countries. They have just initiated proceedings at the General Court in Luxemburg, which is the part of the EU Court of Justice from whence people can seek redress against EU institutions under certain conditions. In this occurrence, EPAW represents […]

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UN ruling: EU must reassess renewables’ policy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Compliance Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which enforces the Aarhus Convention, has released its final findings and recommendations regarding the case presented by Mr. Pat Swords, a chemical engineer from Ireland (1). In a nutshell, the UN is saying that if the EU wants to be […]

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