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European Governments ripping up renewable contracts. Why can’t Ontario?

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — Maruch 18, 2014 Companies ‘do not have a right [to expect the compensation] not to be changed’ Governments across Europe, regretting the over-generous deals doled out to the renewable energy sector, have begun reneging on them. To slow ruinous power bills hikes, governments are unilaterally rewriting contracts and clawing […]

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Ontario’s Future: Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (in Cernobbio, Italy) — The Telegraph — Sept. 8, 2013 Europe’s industry is being ravaged by exorbitant energy costs and an over-valued euro, blighting efforts to reverse years of global manufacturing decline. “We face a systemic industrial massacre,” said Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner. Mr Tajani warned that Europe’s quixotic dash for […]

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European Green Movement on Verge of Collapse Due to Failed Climate Change and Global Warming Policies

Virtual Strategy — Calgary, Alberta — May 2013 Dr. Benny Peiser of the UK Global Warming Policy Foundation reports that EU energy prices have skyrocketed, families have been forced into energy poverty; meanwhile the EU carbon market has collapsed with no evidence of healthier environment or ‘abundant’ green jobs, so European manufacturing is fleeing to […]

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European Lessons on Renewable Energy Subsidies — What NOT to do!

Todd Wynn and John Eick — American Legislator — May 30, 2013 Considering how important and ubiquitous energy is for virtually all of life’s activities, it should come as no surprise that energy policy often dominates the agendas in legislative chambers in each of the fifty states and on Capitol Hill.  Historically, most of the […]

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European Institute for Climate and Energy Warns Germany’s Feed-In Act “Will Lead Country to Economic Ruin”

Great article from No Tricks Zone!!! P. Gosselin — February 19, 2013 Countries considering implementing green energy feed-in schemes may want to look at what is going on in Germany. Few countries have moved as aggressively as Germany in promoting renewable energy. Some tout the German system as a model for the rest of the […]

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EU Energy Commissioner Warns Against New Climate Targets

Tip of the hat to Watt’s Up With That — October 5, 2012 Seems like sanity has infected the EU Energy commissioner. A collection of news stories from Dr. Benny Peiser atThe GWPF: I strongly advise against more stringent climate targets after 2020. — Günther Oettinger, EU Energy Commissioner,Financial Times Deutschland, 5 October 2012 The […]

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The Myth of European wind energy

Wesley Coopersmith — Freedom Works — August 8, 2012 Many proponents of wind energy, including our current president, point to Europe as an example of how successful the wind industry can be if only given a chance in America. But how well is the wind industry really doing in Europe? Germany leads Europe as the number […]

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