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What Experts Who Aren’t Selling Wind Turbines say

Letter to the Editor — The Journal — October 1, 2013 To the editor: Travis Clendenen’s September 27 letter to the editor saddens me. He claims by placing 500-foot-tall industrial wind turbines all around my neighbors home’s we will all benefit. A growing body of research by individuals not employed by a wind turbine manufacturer, […]

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Let experts scrutinize wind energy claims

Letter to the Editor — Lethbridge Herald — September 25, 2013 Re: Dave Mabell article of Sept 14. It is surprising to me that the Lethbridge Herald will publish such a large article based on unresearched and unbalanced marketing misinformation. In fact, the whole article was a regurgitation of last May’s press release of CanWEA. […]

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The next big freeze could last 250 years: Experts say Sun’s activity wanes every 200 years – and the next ‘cooling period’ is due by 2040

Daily Mail.online — April 30, 2013 Russian scientists believe the Sun emits less heat every 200 years Cooling period could cause Earth’s temperature to fall by several degrees Last time was between 1650 and 1850, known as the ‘Little Ice Age’ The period of low solar activity could start between 2030 and 2040 Forget global […]

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