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The False Gods Of Climate Change Called Out On Easter…

The Ulsterman Report — March 31, 2013 Even as soon-to-be has been political figures like Barack Obama continue to spout more hot air on the need to combat (nonexistent) climate change, the real data points to earth temperatures that have remained largely unchanged since the big doom and gloom push that we would all by now […]

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The Alternative Energy religion is based on a false premise

Beaufort Observer — February 27, 2013 Beaufort County has a habit of chasing pink elephants. That is essentially the strategy upon which our economic development programs has been based for over a decade and it has resulted in colossal failures. In fact, arguably, there have been no winners, and certainly no bonanzas. Now our county […]

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FINALLY! Advertising Standards Authority makes wind developer withdraw leaflet with false information

Auslan Cramb — The Telegraph — November 1, 2012 Developer drops claim wind turbines do not hit house prices A wind farm developer has withdrawn a leaflet claiming wind turbines do not affect house prices following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. The move follows an objection from an anti–wind farm campaigner who complained […]

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