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Economics Professor Talks About Ontario’s Financial Catastrophe and the Green Energy Disaster

23 minutes well spent.  Should be required viewing for ANYONE thinking of voting Liberal or NDP.

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North Dakota Wants Financial Assurance that Wind Turbines Will Be Taken Down in 20 years. NextEra Balks.

“The goal is to ensure that after a wind turbine has generated its last kilowatt, the owner has a plan – and the financial means – to restore the landscape to its original condition.” Mike Nowatzki — InForum — April 12, 2014 When wind turbines stop turning BISMARCK – For more than a decade, they […]

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A Running Leap off the Green Energy Cliff

California’s Path to Bankruptcy Keith Kohl — Energy & Capital — January 4, 2013 We’ve been watching our government stick its fingers in the energy pie for decades now… Oil and gas subsidies go back nearly a century. We’ve doled out an average of $4 billion to them every year since. These incentives include a […]

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Germany has gone further down the ‘renewables’ path than any country in the world, and now it’s paying the price

Christopher Booker — The Telegraph –September 22, 2012 Germany’s wind power chaos should be a warning to the UK On Friday, September 14, just before 10am, Britain’s 3,500 wind turbines broke all records by briefly supplying just over four gigawatts (GW) of electricity to the national grid. Three hours later, in Germany, that country’s 23,000 […]

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The truth about Germany and the ‘clean energy economy’

Washington Examiner — June 10, 2012 President Obama recently came under fire for referring to “Polish death camps” in a prepared speech, reflecting a certain lack of awareness of matters European. This episode reminded us of something else, of greater concern to U.S. voters: Obama’s speechwriters appear to also be unaware that the German media […]

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Ontario power: Why Ontario effectively paid its neighbours $214,584.24 in one weekend hour to take our power

Mild temperatures, high winds, spring run-off and a weekend combined to send the price of power below zero on Sunday in Ontario. But despite the near-record negative price – which means, in theory, that producers are paying customers to take electricity – Ontario ratepayers will still pick up the tab. The market price of electricity […]

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