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Forbes: Tax-Blowing Boondoggle: Don’t Give Wind Energy More Credit Than It Deserves

Larry Bell — Forbes — December 11, 2012 Wind power producers currently receive a production tax credit (PTC) of 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, a subsidy that it needs to “compete” in the electrical power marketplace. A bipartisan group of lawmakers in Congress is pushing to extend it. In the past it has been renewed for […]

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Climate Change: ‘Hoax’ Or Crime Of The Century?

Mark Hendrickson — Forbes  — September 16, 2012 Well, we had a warm summer here in the United States, and that brought some of the climate change alarmists out again. Looks like it’s time for another rebuttal! John Coleman, the founder ofThe Weather Channel, and various other critics have called the theory that human use […]

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The U.S. can’t seem to buy a major hurricane for love nor money….

Patrick Michaels — Forbes — August 31, 2012 Category 1 Hurricane Hype The U.S. just can’t seem to buy a major hurricane. It’s been 2,535 days since the last Category 3 storm, Wilma in 2005, hit the beach. That’s the longest period—by far—in the record that goes back to 1900. Consequently, the global warming hype […]

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Forbes — Actual life cycle cost for wind energy (guess where wind ranks compared to other sources)

Wind is the most material intensive energy source requiring ten times more steel, copper and cement per MWhr than any other source. Source: NREL, HELCO ************************************************************************ James Conca — Forbes — July 1, 2012 (Costs do not include connecting wind to the grid, buffering of the intermittency of wind production to prevent grid crisis, or […]

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Wind Energy Gasping for Air

Ken Silverstein — Energy Central Editor — Forbes Magazine Government incentives and state mandates are allowing green energy to sprout in certain places. But the possible removal of some of those stimulants could cause the industry to begin gasping for air. Fiscal austerity is one cause. But so too is the growing skepticism of wind […]

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