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Climate Alarmists’ ‘Dark Money’ Dwarfs Skeptics’ Funding

James M. Taylor — Heartland.org — January 19, 2014 Global warming activists claim vast amounts of untraceable special-interest money fund global warming skeptics and give skeptics an unfair advantage in the global warming debate. The undeniable truth is global warming alarmists raise and spend far more money—including far more untraceable special-interest “dark money”—than global warming […]

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Global Warming Alarm: Continued Cooling May Jeopardize Climate Science And Green Energy Funding

Larry Bell — Forbes — April 30, 2013 The past 17 years of flat global temperatures are creating a big chill for lots of global warming doom-premised industries. Those experiencing cold sweats must certainly include legions of climate scientists who have come to depend upon the many tens of billions of taxpayer bucks for studies […]

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Writer links health care cuts to wind turbine funding

Bill Lawrence — The Manitoulin Expositor — November 21, 2012 I have read stories in your paper about wind turbines and hospital cutbacks. I wonder if your readers are aware there is an interesting financial connection between these two stories? In the name of reducing the deficit, the Ontario government has seen fit to slash […]

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