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A Future Powered by Fusion Draws a Little Closer

Roger Highfield — Newsweek — August 2014 Within the next 50 years, scientists will build a fusion power plant to harness the same processes that make the sun shine. The moment this star winks on, everything will change. Of course, that’s also what Cold War scientists said half a century ago when, after the uncontrolled […]

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Ontario, Canada: A Mirror of America’s Economic Future Mortgaged To Falsified Climate Science

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball If Obama’s policies on energy and environment were truly original they would be worth consideration, but they are not. He dismisses claims that “The economy will lose millions of jobs and billions in growth.” He said, “Let’s face it, that’s what [critics]…

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This might be the answer to our turbine problem, but it’s still a ways off…..

Someday, they’ll have the technology to provide us with limitless clean energy, but unfortunately, I have a feeling most of us will be long gone by then.  Once they can bring this sort of power to everyday use, they will look at the massive rotting hulking wind turbines covering our once fertile farmland and wonder, […]

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Wind Power – It’s the Wrong Technology for our Future

Market Rasen Mail — December 30, 2013 Renewables – Nevermind the looks, do they work reliably and economically ?? Here are some clues- UK has 5,000+ wind turbines, on average they supply just 5% of our demand but they fluctuate between 13% and 0%. See what’s happening on the grid now- http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/ This is how […]

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Green Energy: The Rotary Dial Phone of the Future

Rita Noon — Townhall Finance — November 24, 2013 The whole idea of green energy—renewable resources—grew out of an energy reality that was much different from today’s. It was in the 1970s, following the OPEC Oil Embargo that solar panels began popping up on rooftops and “gasohol” subsidies were enacted. It was believed that green […]

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Exclusive: UN ruling puts future of wind farms in Britain in jeopardy

Tribunal warns that the Government acted illegally by denying public participation Margareta Pagano –The Independent —  August 27, 2013 Plans for future wind farms in Britain could be in jeopardy after a United Nations legal tribunal ruled that the UK Government acted illegally by denying the public decision-making powers over their approval and the “necessary […]

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How environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future.

John Brignell They are green on the outside, but under the skin the deepest of reds. Their methods are neo-Marxist, especially in the adoption of a form of Trotskyite entryism. The green veneer derives from their first successful coup in achieving control of the environmentalist group Greenpeace, resulting in the departure of original members such […]

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Welcome to Ontario’s renewables future: Britain’s energy crisis – when will the lights go out?

The effects of two decades of short-sighted spinelessness in energy policy may soon be all too apparent. Martin Vander Weyer — The Spectator — April 20, 2013 The day Margaret Thatcher died was also the day Britain nearly ran out of gas. In late March, it was reported that stored reserves were down to just […]

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Interesting Energy article by an International Business Executive (More common sense)

M Marwood — September 2012 Get Smart about your Energy Future I’m going to try to have an honest conversation about our energy future, climate change and what it means for you as a member of the generation that will have to live with the consequences of today’s energy policy choices. My goal is to […]

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What happens to wind turbines in the future?

Elwood Shreve — QMI Agency — August 8, 2012 Today’s wind turbines are being built with a 20-year lifespan – but what happens after that? This was one of the many questions posed to Jody Law, Pattern Energy project developer of the 124-wind turbine South Kent Wind Energy Project. Law gave an overview of the […]

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West Lincoln council will not support future wind projects

Tom Wilkinson — West Niagara News — May 29, 2012 Opponents of wind energy urged West Lincoln council to do more to prevent wind turbines from going up, and applauded council for a motion to oppose any future wind projects or expansions of existing applications on Monday night. At the May 14 planning meeting, Ald. […]

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the Netherlands

Dutch fall out of love with windmills Ivana Sekularac — EGMOND AAN ZEE, Netherlands  —  Wed Nov 16, 2011 When the Netherlands built its first sea-based wind turbines in 2006, they were seen as symbols of a greener future. Towering over the waves of the North Sea like an army of giants, blades whipping through the […]

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