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The Cost Of Green Energy Topples The Government In Bulgaria

Tory Aardvark — March 29, 2013 There is a lesson to learned from events last month in Europe’s poorest country, Bulgaria, well actually there are 2 lessons to be learned, both unfortunately need to be learned by politicians in the rest of Europe, or the world when it comes to it. The first lesson is […]

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CEO of solar company says Government subsidies is killing renewable energy

Paul Nahi — Forbes.com — February 14, 2013 Paul Nahi is CEO of Enphase Energy, a provider of micro-inverter systems for the solar industry. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear or engage in a conversation about energy. Too often, those conversations are about failed companies that lived only for government largesse. Whether the discussion is […]

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Independent researcher finds similarities between wind industry and government wind policies

Independent researcher Brett Horner, who regularly performs detailed audits of documents and research papers, has examined documents from both Health Canada and CanWEA and found many similarities, he says.  He has written an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the MInister of Health so “informed Canadians” are aware that certain statements are not […]

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Ireland — Engineer to challenge Government’s Renewable Energy programme

Vincent Ryan — Irish Examiner — December 21, 2012 The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources is preparing for a courtroom showdown with a chemical engineer in the new year over the Government’s renewable energy plans. Pat Swords, a chemical engineer from Dublin, has won the right to seek a judicial review of the […]

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New York State Windpower: Enough Business / Government Cronyism

Mary Kay Barton — MasterResource — December 10, 2012 While Invenergy waits for the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC) to be extended by this ‘Lame Duck’ Congress, as expressed in the 12/4/12Batavia Daily News article: “Orangeville windfarm waits on the tax credit,” there are thousands of local tax- and rate-paying citizens who are eagerly awaiting the expiration, permanent expiration, of […]

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Windgate — A Scandal Liberal leader candidates must be held accountable for

Tell these Liberal leadership candidates and the CAW/CEP leadership how you feel about wind power’s harm to health, property value and economic waste. Keep it simple. These people are clueless when it comes to wind. They are real world examples of how McGinty has been able to keep wind off the urban radar screen. ie. […]

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Portugal — Government deals new blow to wind

From WCO Richard Weyndling, Windpower Monthly Magazine, 25 May 2012 PORTUGAL: The Portuguese government has dealt the wind sector another blow by announcing cuts in tariffs for existing wind farms totalling EUR100-200 million up to 2020. Growth in capacity has already practically ground to a halt since January following a moratorium on feed-in tariffs (FITs) for […]

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U.S. Government authorizes killing of endangered bighorn sheep

So my question is…..After the environmentalists kill off all the wildlife species on the planet in their pursuit of green energy, who or what exactly will they be saving the planet for? — Donna Q SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: U.S. GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZES KILLING OF ENDANGERED BIGHORNS IN PATH OF WIND PROJECT MIRIAM RAFTERY — EAST COUNTY […]

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Wind turbine critics question panel’s report on health impacts

Kyle Cheney — Feb. 14, 2012 Massachusetts residents insistent that the drone, flicker and vibration of land-based wind turbines can shatter the health of nearby communities invoked Tuesday the onset of the United States’ HIV/AIDS epidemic to reject a recent report debunking their claims. Although an independent report commissioned by the Patrick administration concluded last […]

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