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Down Wind Exposes the Wynne-McGuinty Green Energy Disaster

Lorrie Goldstein — Toronto Sun — May 31, 2014 TORONTO – Anyone who has studied the Ontario Liberal government’s failed experiment with wind power knows what a financial and social catastrophe it has been. How billions of taxpayers’ and hydro customers’ dollars are being wasted, and will continue to be wasted for decades to come, […]

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Television Premiere of Down Wind on Sun News Network — June 4th at 8 and 11 p.m.

Sun News Network will air the television premiere of the documentary film DOWN WIND on Wednesday, June 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p.m. ET. DOWN WIND is a tell-all film that deals head on with how Ontario politicians rammed through green energy laws and dashed forward with the installation of thousands of wind […]

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Financial Post: Ontario DOES have a Way to Kill Green Energy Contracts

Bruce Pardy — Financial Post — May 14, 2014 Hudak’s Ontario Conservatives can easily and legally negate the giveaways the Liberals had lavished on renewables developers Tim Hudak says the Ontario Conservatives, if elected, will cancel lucrative wind and solar contracts put in place under the Liberals’ green energy program. Can he do so without […]

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Green Energy Not Fit for the Grid

Viv Forbes — American Thinker — February 4, 2014 Germany’s wind and solar power generation came to a standstill in late 2013. More than 23,000 wind turbines ran out of wind and most of the one million photovoltaic systems ran out of sunlight. For a whole week, coal nuclear and gas-powered plants generated an estimated […]

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Tip o’ the hat to The Global Warming Policy Foundation Fred Pearce — New Scientist (Environment) — January 22, 2014 Germany’s energy revolution has gone sour, as have its efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Energiewende” policy aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent between 1990 and 2020, mostly […]

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Ontario’s green fiasco is a lesson to us all

Graham Hicks — QMI Agency — January 18, 2014 Ontario is reeling. The “Ontario Green Energy Program,” introduced four years ago by then-Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, has proved to be an utter disaster. A public inquiry has brought to light the sheer size of this white elephant. The consequence of going all-out green […]

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Green Energy: The Rotary Dial Phone of the Future

Rita Noon — Townhall Finance — November 24, 2013 The whole idea of green energy—renewable resources—grew out of an energy reality that was much different from today’s. It was in the 1970s, following the OPEC Oil Embargo that solar panels began popping up on rooftops and “gasohol” subsidies were enacted. It was believed that green […]

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The Human Cost of Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Garth Manning — Toronto Sun — November 17, 2013 In 2009, the Ontario government, seeking to appear green, expropriated our property rights and democratic freedoms with its Green Energy Act (GEA). The GEA removed the power of municipal politicians to represent their constituents in green energy matters and imposed 550 meters as a regulated setback […]

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Reality Check: Germany’s Defective Green Energy Game Plan

Germany pretends to be a pioneer in the green revolution. But its massively expensive Energiewende has done nothing to make the environment cleaner or encourage genuine efficiency. One writer argues: Either do it right, or don’t do it at all. So, perhaps you’ve heard about Germany’s heroic green revolution, about how it’s overhauling its entire energy […]

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Excellent local article: Green energy not playing the role it was meant to

Tracey Hinchberger — Kincardine News — October 22, 2013 Is this what “green energy” is supposed to look like? This is a question I keep asking myself, and would like to pose to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli. As a writer of an environment-themed column I should be pleased to see […]

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Europe’s Green Energy Policy ‘Bordering On Disaster’

Europe may see itself as the globe’s green paragon, but its energy policies are a mess bordering on a disaster. Tip o’ the hat to Sherri Lange (NAPAW) for this article. Walter Russell Mead — The GW Policy Foundation — October 17, 2013 Pushing through wind and solar energy while snubbing its own shale resources […]

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Failure to think through consequences of Green Energy Act has hurt Ontario badly

Bruce Stewart — Beacon News (AB) — October 15, 2013 A few years ago, the Liberal Government in Ontario had a big idea. Green energy. It looked at an automotive sector — the former provincial lynchpin — that was declining year after year even as Ontario had risen to become North America’s largest auto assembler. […]

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UK — It’s showdown time for our insane ‘green’ energy policy

Politicians are complaining about rises in fuel bills that are largely the result of their own actions Christopher Booker — The Telegraph — October 12, 2013 Three events last week brought nearer the showdown that will have to come over the multiple green insanities that in recent years have hijacked Britain’s energy policy. Although two […]

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Maclean’s Magazine (YES!) — The Answer to Green Energy is Not blowing in the wind

Colby Cash — MacLean’s Magazine — September 18, 2013 They call it the Energiewende—Germany’s dual “energy transition” away from nuclear power and toward renewable electricity sources. The Germans do have a way with euphemism: “Transition” is a polite word for what could really be called a revolution. After the Fukushima nuclear disaster of early 2011, Europe’s […]

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The Dalton Gang wanted to emulate Germany … And sadly they are

German Media Now Sharply Attacking Once Beloved Green Energy Feed-In Act…”Completely Out Of Control” P Gosselin — No Tricks Zone — September 15,  2013 Not long ago, all of Germany’s political parties and media, whether socialist, green, liberal or conservative, embraced and voted into law the green energy feed-in act (EEG). The few remaining outspoken opponents […]

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