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Wind turbine construction could permanently damage hearing… Of harbour seals

Shona Gossip — Aberdeen Journals Ltd. (UK) — May 20, 2015 Noise from the construction of offshore wind turbines could be damaging the hearing of harbour seals, according to new research published today. Scientists at St Andrews University say noise from the pile driving process could affect the marine mammals’ ability to find food or […]

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From Hearing Health Matters: Negative Health Effects of Noise from Industrial Wind Turbines

This post, the first of a three-part series, provides a broad overview of the topic. The second installment will review the major research findings linking low-frequency noise and infrasound from industrial wind turbines with effects on health and quality of life. Part three will discuss the relationship between various health effects and the processing of […]

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Inconvenient Study on Hearing Loss Draws Fire from the Wind / Climate Coalition

Mark Duchamp — Canada Free Press — October 6, 2014 On October 1st and 2nd, two leading UK newspapers wrote about a new study from the University of Munich which found a way of measuring the effects of low-frequency sound (LFS) on the inner ear (1). This is an important discovery in that it could […]

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Protecting porpoises’ hearing adds millions to wind farm projects

The Telegraph — August 16, 2012 Porpoises are adding millions of euros to costs for wind-turbine developers in waters off Germany, delaying the nation’s shift from nuclear energy. EON and RWE, the country’s two biggest utilities, are using technologies that reduce noise from driving turbines into the seabed after nature groups complained that the work […]

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Wind farm hearing in Hagersville underway

Monte Sonnenberg — Simcoe Reformer — May 28, 2012 HAGERSVILLE – Haldimand Wind Concerns and other opponents of the Summerhaven wind farm near Jarvis have their work cut out for them. In opening arguments before the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal on Monday, project advocates reminded the panel that the threshold for scrapping the project is very high. […]

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