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James Delingpole — Breitbart.com — June 5, 2015 Probably the fact that there has now been no “global warming” for 18 years and six months. Not only does this contradict all the doomladen climate models cited in the IPCC’s various reports – none of them predicted the so-called “Pause” – but it also means that […]

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Climate Scientists Explain the Pause in Global Warming by Saying It’s “Natural” *facepalm*

“Although scientists are continuing to analyze all the factors that might be driving the hiatus, the new study suggests that natural decade-to-decade climate variability is largely responsible.” From Watts Up With That? — September 10, 2014 Oh this is hilarious. In a “Back To The Future” sort of moment, this press release from the National […]

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The global warming hiatus? Climate models all wrongly predicted warming, so let’s call it a discrepancy

Ross McKitrick — Financial Post — June 17, 2014 While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) still uses the iconic word “unequivocal” to describe warming of the climate system over the past century, a new word has slipped into its lexicon: the “hiatus.” They have begun referring, with a bit of hesitant throat-clearing, to […]

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