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Talk about hedging your bets: Climate change means LESS hurricanes for the U.S. “by the next century”

What the hell does that even mean?  We’ve been told over and over and over again that climate change means stronger and more numerous hurricanes.  But wait!  The U.S. hasn’t had a CAT3 or higher hurricane since 2005.  So how do the fear-mongers square that round peg?   By NOW coming up with the theory […]

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The U.S. can’t seem to buy a major hurricane for love nor money….

Patrick Michaels — Forbes — August 31, 2012 Category 1 Hurricane Hype The U.S. just can’t seem to buy a major hurricane. It’s been 2,535 days since the last Category 3 storm, Wilma in 2005, hit the beach. That’s the longest period—by far—in the record that goes back to 1900. Consequently, the global warming hype […]

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