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Putting ALL the Climate Alarmists Claims to Rest.

Look At the Trends in Extreme Weather and See the State of the World BY EDITOR OF THE FABIUS MAXIMUS WEBSITE ON 5 APRIL 2017 • Summary: Climate activists make bold claims about extreme weather caused by our CO2 emissions, attributing most big weather events to CO2’s influence. Let’s look at the numbers. Have extreme […]

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5 Reasons Not to Panic Over Global Warming

John Hawkins —  Townhall — April 2, 2017 “In 2015, President Barack Obama created the Clean Power Plan to slow climate disruption. It was the first action ever taken by the US government to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. And this week, with the stroke of a pen, President Trump directed the Environmental […]

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New Video: Prof. Bjorn Lomborg Explains Why the Hysteria Over Global Warming is Unfounded

Professor Bjorn Lomborg believes in global warming, but says the fear mongering surrounding it is purely propaganda and grossly exaggerated. Perfect video to watch on a Sunday, so grab a coffee or a tea and settle in as you listen to Prof. Lomborg dissect the doomsday fears surrounding the AGW hype.  This is well worth the time […]

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Rand Paul: “Climate change hysteria is the height of modern faux-intellectual douchebaggery”

“They all predicted, you know, the poor Statue of Liberty was going to drown within 100 years, and the polar bears, and all…that alarmist kind of stuff.” Climate change hysteria is the height of modern faux-intellectual douchebaggery– a belief system that mocks skeptics as simpletons, but which cannot withstand the slightest intellectual scrutiny. 1) The […]

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Climate Change Minister Says We Must Stop Eating Baked Beans to Fight Global Warming

(Tip o’ the hat to M.K. Barton) Matt Chorley — Daily Mail (UK) — April 9, 2014 Cut back on eating baked beans to reduce ‘smelly emissions’: Minister’s bizarre tip in battle to tackle climate change Labour peer Viscount Simon raises fears about impact of flatulence Brits eat more baked beans than any other country, […]

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It’s been a bad winter for the Global Warming Hysteria crowd

Bob Unruh – WND –  December 16, 2013 It’s been a bad week for global warming. Cairo saw its first snow in 100 years. Oregon, like several other states, reached its coldest temperature in 40 years. Chicago saw its coldest days ever, and – as if to add finality to the trend – Antarctica reached the […]

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Global Warming Common Sense instead of Hysteria

Michael Coren talks with Lorrie Goldstein about how Global Warming fear mongering has gone too far.

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German Meteorologists Ridicule IPCC — Skeptics ‘chipping away’ at AGW hysterics

P. Gosselin —  No Tricks Zone  — August 18, 2013 Sometimes it takes awhile for bad science to be exposed. Often it starts with one person finding an inconsistency, digging a little deeper, and then announcing that something is rotten. That person in turn gets attacked and smeared as an outcast. But a few other, open-minded […]

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The U.S. can’t seem to buy a major hurricane for love nor money….

Patrick Michaels — Forbes — August 31, 2012 Category 1 Hurricane Hype The U.S. just can’t seem to buy a major hurricane. It’s been 2,535 days since the last Category 3 storm, Wilma in 2005, hit the beach. That’s the longest period—by far—in the record that goes back to 1900. Consequently, the global warming hype […]

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Global Warming Alarmism

Michael Coren discusses GW alarmism with Bob Carter, who praises Canada for not toeing the line with the rest of the world regarding the global warming hysteria.

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