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(UK) Scientific Alliance Study Shows that Industrial Wind Turbines are Expensive and Deeply Inefficient

Breitbart.com — October 27, 2014 Wind power is too variable and too unpredictable to provide a serious alternative to fossil fuels, a new study by the Scientific Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute has confirmed. The researchers concluded that, although it is true that the wind is always blowing somewhere, the base line is only around […]

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A Tale of Two Wind Facilities — Ontario, Canada and Ocotillo, California

Last summer (2012) Quixotes did a video of the inefficiency of wind energy in Ontario using the 160 turbine facility at Melanchton as an example. A fellow wind group in Ocotillo (pronounced Okoteeyo) California has made some strikingly similar videos using the 112 wind turbines that currently surround their tiny town in the desert. The interesting […]

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Wind turbines blight the Scottish landscape despite being a wholly inefficient source of energy

Gerald Warner — The Scotsman — June 2, 2013 THE climate is changing – but not in the style prognosticated by the global warmist fanatics.   As the bottom falls out of the man-made climate change industry, those who were among its most bullish investors at the height of the scam are now covering their […]

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UK Energy Minister — Windfarms are “extremely inefficient and costly”

Fiona Harvey — Environmental Correspondent — The Guardian — November 16, 2012 John Hayes: ‘windfarms will not replace gas or nuclear’ The energy minister has revealed, in a letter seen by the Guardian, the extent of his misapprehensions about wind. Windfarms are “extremely inefficient and costly” and will not be able to replace gas or nuclear power generation, according to […]

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(UK) — Wind farms are inefficient says new Environment Secretary, as DECC prepares to launch review

Wind farms are “inefficient” according to the new Environment Secretary as the Government plans to look again at subsidies to the industry. Louise Gray – Environment Correspondent — The Telegraph — September 18, 2012 Owen Paterson, the new Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, sought to distance himself […]

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Ontario wind turbines — An inefficient, unreliable energy fiasco

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Wind energy is extraordinarily expensive and inefficient

From Watts Up With That? Anthony Watts — Aug. 6, 2012 Press Release London, 6 August: The Global Warming Policy Foundations has warned policy makers that wind energy is an extraordinarily expensive and inefficient way of reducing CO2 emissions. In fact, there is a significant likelihood that annual CO2 emissions could be greater under the […]

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U.K — Most useless wind turbine?

Is this the UK’s most useless wind turbine? It cost £130,000 in subsidies last year… to raise electricity worth just £100,000 David Derbyshire — Daily Mail Passed by millions of drivers a year, it is one of England’s best known wind turbines. It is also one of its most useless. According to latest figures, the […]

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U.S. — Beware ignoring cost of extreme green energy

Brad Taylor — Wisconsin State Journal — April 29, 2012 Are you supportive or skeptical of green energy? Your “clean, cost-effective energy” editorial sails nicely down course through the conclusion of “saving the planet while saving money should be the widely shared goal.” But then asking “Are you supportive or skeptical of green energy?” drifts […]

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Wind turbines aren’t answer

U.K. — Tamworth Herald — April 27, 2012 SIMON Johnson, chair of Tamworth and District Green Party, wants an informed debate on the best way forward about renewable power, and in his words does not want to fall back on fear, prejudice and conspiracy theory. Let’s start with a few facts: When the wind blows […]

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