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The Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer a Leftist

I’m sure we’ll all recognize the “left” in our lives.  This sounds so familiar, I would have sworn that Dr. Goska was writing about some of my own family members. H/T to WUWT. Dr. Danusha V. Goska — 2014 How far left was I? So far left my beloved uncle was a card-carrying member of […]

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Energy Poverty — A. H.’s story

A.H. is a single mother of a teenage daughter and small business owner who lives in Port Elgin.  A has been self-employed for the past 30 years and is proud of her accomplishments in that time. One thing that she has noticed happening at an alarming rate for the past 5 years is that everything she’s worked for […]

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Ontario’s big wind bonanza: Over 90% of subsidies funneled to just 11 companies

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — February 4, 2015 When the Ontario government launched its Green Energy Act (GEA ) in 2009, it promised “new green economy jobs” and ” a wide range of economic opportunities.” Then Minister of Energy George Smitherman argued that the GEA would be a boon to Ontarians of all stripes: […]

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Ontario’s Green Success

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Eco-fascist hypocrisy

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Getting Out The Message: Google, Media and Their Influence on This Election

Shortly after this election started, I noticed something interesting with my Google Alerts.  In case you don’t know what that is, you can subscribe to Google for specific topics.  For instance, if I want to read every article on Climate Change, I create a Google Alert and every time something about that subject is published, a […]

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McGuinty Gov’t Changed Green Energy Rules to Benefit Liberal-linked Firms

Scott Stinson — National Post — June 8, 2014 A U.S. wind power developer that is seeking $653-million in damages under a NAFTA challenge accuses the government of Ontario of manipulating Green Energy Act rules to benefit the interests of Liberal-connected firms, according to court documents obtained by the National Post. The court filing, recently […]

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Huron-Bruce Liberal Candidate Called a Liar by Audience at Debate

Rowdy audience breathes life into Teeswater all-candidates meeting Patrick Bales — Shoreline Beacon — June 5, 2014 TEESWATER – Colleen Schenk was facing an uphill battle coming into the Teeswater Community Centre last Tuesday night. Every time the Liberal candidate tried to answer a question about her party’s green energy polices, angry retorts from the […]

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This Week’s Kathleen Wynne poster. I love Kathleen in this one.

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Quixotes’ “Ontario Liberal Monopoly game” merits an article in the LFP.

Grits’ fixation on wind power is a losing game Jim Merriam — London Free Press — May 1, 2014 Two games have taken on new meanings, thanks to opponents of the Ontario government’s fixation with wind power. First is the game of politics and second is the board game Monopoly. A new game circulating via […]

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The Hits Just Keep On Coming — Ontario Liberal Insiders and Friends Paid Millions in Taxpayer Funds

(Is there no end to the hell we are living in, in this province?? — DQ) Adam Radwanski — The Globe and Mail — April 24, 2014 A gap in transparency has allowed millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts to be awarded to friends and allies of political operatives in Ontario without the checks, balances […]

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The Toron….ROFL !!…The Toronto Star thinks Wynne has helped Rural Ontario!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Oh wow!  You just gotta go read this article in the T.Star.  They think that Wynne as agricultural minister has mended fences with rural Ontario. “For the Liberals to remain in power in Ontario, they must garner votes outside of their traditional urban strongholds. Wynne has shrewdly appointed herself as minister of Agriculture and Food. […]

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MONOPOLY: Ontario Liberal Party Version

With more and more families in Ontario entering Energy Poverty, thanks to the insane policies of the Liberal Party, many are now finding themselves sitting in the dark at night.  This has spawned a resurgence in board games and the newest rage in board games is the Ontario Liberal Party version of Monopoly. **** 2016 UPDATE: […]

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Former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder at the new Bluewater Wind Farm. Quelle Surprise!!

Bluewater Wind Farm creates divide in community Click here to watch video CTV news (London) — April 16, 2014 Construction is underway on 37 wind turbines just south of Bayfield.  Once complete, they’ll make up the Bluewater Wind Farm.   It’s a project that has divided the community, even families. “I have cousins that have put […]

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The Liberal Party and their bedfellows.

I’ve been asked to repost this cartoon, in light of the current goings on at Queen’s Park.  So here you go.

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