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“Rotten” Describes Life Living Next to an Industrial Wind Facility

Joan M. Lagerman — FDL Reporter — October 18, 2014 Bill Lueder’s Oct. 13 Money & Politics column in The Reporter — Wisconsin Lags on Renewable Energy — focuses on the progress of renewable energy projects in our state. He discusses solar and wind project development. The author quotes Matt Neumann, president of the Wisconsin […]

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The Folly of the ‘Settled Science’ Hype! Ya Gotta Read This!!

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg for this fascinating find. “If future research confirms a Milky Way galaxy-biodiversity link, it would force scientists to broaden their ideas about what can influence life on Earth. “Maybe it’s not just the climate and the tectonic events on Earth,” says UK paleontologist Bruce Lieberman. “Maybe we have […]

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Another personal story of life with Industrial Wind Turbines

May 20, 2013 Memorandum to the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection This note is in regards to my wife’s hearing loss, the Hoosac Wind Project, and the current compliance testing done by Iberdrola. My wife, Jo Ann, has been to an ear specialist on three different occasions within the past few months. (She has never […]

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Threat of Wind Turbines put my way of life under siege

Karen Empringham — County Live.ca — April 15, 2013 It was one year ago today that I sent my first e-mail to a group to explain why I had suddenly become an outspoken advocate against “green” energy as the Ontario government is delivering it. If you know me at all, you know that I am […]

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Life next to a wind factory under construction

Posted in the Kingston Whig comment section.  A great perspective on living near the construction of a wind facility ******************************* You don’t understand why anyone would be against these things? Really, you need to for one moment, go to the computer and click onto a “draft site plan” for a project try next terror, er […]

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Life Beside an Australian Wind Factory

Tip of the hat to Stop These Things

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Pandora’s Pinwheels — Life next to a wind farm in Australia amd New Zealand

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Norma Schmidt – life with wind turbines is an “absolute living hell”

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U.S. — Wind turbine wears out at 16.

Thanks to Central Bruce Wind Action Brian McGillivary — Record Eagle.com — January 12, 2013 TCL&P windmill only works at half capacity after repairs TRAVERSE CITY — The state’s oldest commercial, utility-owned windmill is showing its age. The wind turbine constructed in 1996 by Traverse City Light & Power on M-72 in Elmwood Township hasn’t […]

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