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Massachusetts: Noise From Hoosac Wind Angers Neighbours As Turbines Exceed Noise Levels by 7 DB

Scott Stafford — Berkshire Eagle — August 10, 2014 CLARKSBURG — News that noise coming from the wind turbines in the Hoosac Wind project exceeded state standards has some of the project’s neighbors calling for action, and others shrugging their shoulders. “My expectation is for that project to comply with state standards,” said Larry Lorusso, […]

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Massachusetts turbine exceeds state’s noise threshold during study

Kingston Independence turbine exceeds state’s noise threshold during study Kathryn Gallerani — Wicked Local.com — July 10, 2014 The Kingston Independence wind turbine violated the state’s noise policy two of the nights sound samples were taken as part of an acoustical monitoring study, according to an interim report. The turbine’s sound levels exceeded the state […]

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Massachusetts War On Wind Turbine Victims

Bill Carson — SouthEnd Patch — February 7, 2014 Time To “Demand Federal Action On Wind Turbine Judicial Revue Is Warranted” To see how bad political corruption in this state is, look no further than the Massachusetts Democrat Party Platform and their so called war on fossil fuels. The war has a tremendous collateral damage […]

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The Massachusetts DEP wind turbine health study continues to get negative reviews

(You might recall that I ripped to shreds the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s wind turbine  health study that was done last year.  If someone like me, (who does not hold a PHD or a BoE) could find drastic and serious errors in that report, it’s not surprising that those who do have qualifications in […]

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“My quiet, peaceful, serene world and home has been turned into a reality of grief”

Clarence Fanto — Berkshire Eagle (Massachusetts) — February 16, 2013 Alternative-energy advocates need to heed ill winds blowing from residents living near several high-profile turbine installations. Some Floridians in North Berkshire are complaining of headaches and other adverse effects from the recently activated Hoosac Wind Project.   On Cape Cod, the Selectmen in Falmouth are […]

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MA — State’s turbine study must deal with complex science behind sound

Ariel Wittenberg — SouthCoast today — July 1, 2012 TURBINES AND SOUND WAVES Sound is a type of energy created by vibrations. When an object vibrates, it bumps into nearby air particles, causing them to vibrate as well. The vibrations, known as sound waves, spread, decreasing in intensity until the particles run out of energy. […]

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U.S. — State is right to measure levels of turbine noise

Boston Globe — Editorial — June 3, 2012 State environmental officials were wise to take a fresh look at wind turbine noise after finding that the decibel levels in a Falmouth home located near a wind project were excessive. That turbine was an older model, located unusually close to the home. Thus, it’s unlikely that the […]

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Why existing Wind turbine “Health Studies” are skewed and pathetically inadequate

The Massachusettes Dept. of Environmental Protection/Dept. of Public Health commissioned a study on the effects of wind turbines on humans. Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel January 2012 Prepared for: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection /Massachusetts Department of Public Health Several things to note about this “independent” unbiased 163 page report. […]

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Hey! We’re gonna get you too….another one bites the dust!

Massachusetts moves to shut down turbine over noise levels David Abel — Boston Globe — May 16, 2012 Step may boost wind-power foes For the first time since the state began promoting wind power, environmental officials have recommended shutting down a wind turbine because of elevated noise levels that they described as unacceptable to local […]

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U.S. — Eleven Kingston families want wind turbines stopped

Kathryn Gallerani — Brockton Enterprise — April 20, 2012 KINGSTON, Massachusetts — Eleven Kingston families are requesting that the town’s zoning enforcement officer issue cease-and-desist orders to prevent the operation of four new wind turbines in town. The requests would affect the wind turbine named Independence on the town’s capped landfill and the three wind […]

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