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Global Warming Continues to Pummel Polar Ice Caps By NOT Causing Them to Melt

Matt Vespa — Townhall.com — May 24, 2015 As I’ve written previously, we’ve experienced the calmest Hurricane season in 30 years, the quietest tornado season in 60 years; the creation of 19,000 Manhattan islands worth of sea ice, and (again) the Arctic Ice Cap has grown by 533,000 square miles. In 2007, the BBC warned […]

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Camera allegedly showing the North Pole melting turns out to be approximately 300 miles to the South

Everybody’s seen this picture the last few days supposedly showing that the North Pole is melting. Turns out, that camera is on a buoy that has drifted approximately 300 miles to the south and is now closer to Greenland than the North Pole. Just found this interesting tidbit on Accuweather.com from the States.”from Roger Anderson, […]

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1947 — Glaciers have been receding at “an abnormal” rate

The Courier-Mail — (Brisbane, Queensland) — Friday June 6, 1947

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1972 — Ice Cap’s Melting

Deseret News — Salt Lake City, Utah — Monday, May 15, 1972

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