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Mike Crawley & FIT Contracts — Liberal Corruption Making Millions

Tip o’ the hat to Robert Stocki for this find.  It really is time to bring every one of these corrupt Liberal thugs to justice.  Forget the OPP, it’s way too big for that.  We need a full-scale RCMP criminal investigation into the underhanded, unethical and amoral dealings of the Liberal Party. Lowell Green from […]

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Mike Crawley, Liberal Party Politics and Industrial Wind Turbines

Hansard Snippets referencing Mike Crawley and the advance of Industrial Wind Turbines Into Ontario Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature: Mr. Runciman: Once again the Premier clearly avoided the questions dealing with adherence to bid requirements. We’re talking about a contract that provided a company headed by a prominent Liberal […]

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