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For Easy Reference: 100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg for this article. HERE are the 100 reasons, released in a dossier issued by the European Foundation, why climate change is natural and not man-made: 1) There is “no real scientific proof” that the current warming is caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from man’s activity. 2) […]

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Climate Scientists Explain the Pause in Global Warming by Saying It’s “Natural” *facepalm*

“Although scientists are continuing to analyze all the factors that might be driving the hiatus, the new study suggests that natural decade-to-decade climate variability is largely responsible.” From Watts Up With That? — September 10, 2014 Oh this is hilarious. In a “Back To The Future” sort of moment, this press release from the National […]

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Climate Change Reflects Natural Cycles

Patrick J. Barosh — Providence Journal — July 1, 2014 ‘Climate change is a socialist plot.” “We’re experiencing our warmest weather ever.” “Lower Manhattan will be flooded by rising seas by 2050.” These and other extreme statements are being tossed about, while science suffers. The fact is, climate and sea level are always changing. This […]

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The skeptics were right: Climate changes naturally & these natural changes outweigh any man-made influences

A Pacific Reason Why Global Warming has Stopped The Hockey Schtick — August 30, 2013 An interesting week in climate change science and climate change politics – sometimes a little difficult to distinguish between them! We have a new paper published in Nature which ties the current hiatus in global-warming to cooling in the eastern equatorial pacific, a […]

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Wind turbines are spoiling Scotland natural beauty, worry conservationists

Auslan Cramb — Telegraph UK — May 16, 2013 Man-made structures can now be seen from at least 70 per cent of Scotland, with a recent five per cent increase in the area affected by development being blamed on the spread of wind turbines. An official report from Scottish Natural Heritage, the environment agency, found that […]

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Why Expanded Alternative Energy Increases the Need for Natural Gas

John Miller — The Energy Collective — January 28, 2013 Renewable wind and solar power are important solutions to reducing carbon emissions.  These technologies have improved substantially in recent years.  Despite very significant advancements, wind and solar power costs continue to be greater than existing low carbon alternatives such as natural gas.  In addition expanding […]

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Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group

MULTI-MUNICIPAL WIND TURBINE WORKING GROUP COMPRISED OF ELECTED OFFICIALS AND APPOINTED CITIZENS FROM MUNICIPALITIES IN BRUCE, DUFFERIN, GREY, HURON & PERTH COUNTIES Mark Davis, Deputy Mayor of Arran-Elderslie, Chair 1925 Bruce Road 10, Box 70, Chesley, ON NOG 1L0 519-363-3039 Fax: 519-363-2203 areld@bmts.com 7 January, 2013 Hon Michael Gravelle Minister of Natural Resources Queen’s Park […]

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Amherst Island anti-wind group sends letter to Minister of Natural Resources

Peter Hendra — The Whig — November 20, 2012 KINGSTON – A group that opposes the proposed building of wind turbines on Amherst Island hopes a letter to the provincial government will discourage it from approving a wind project planned for the island. Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp., through its subsidiary Windlectric Inc., is planning […]

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Scotland — Alex Salmond accused as Scottish mountains are ‘industrialised’ by wind farms

Auslan Cramb — The Telegraph (UK) — October 30, 2012 Alex Salmond has been accused of a “failure of leadership” amid claims he has “done nothing” to protect Scotland’s landscapes from becoming industrialised. Alex Salmond will deliver a keynote address at a renewable energy conference today amid claims that he has “done nothing” to protect […]

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