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Reposting: Wind farms, Family farms, not the best of neighbours

Andrew Gregg — Halifax Herald — February 6, 2013 When you’re driving north from Kincardine to Inverhuron in Ontario, you can see a skyline of red warning lights atop the wind turbines flashing against the night sky. This is farmland. There is a lot of dairy in Bruce County, and even more beef. And over […]

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Excellent Article: Wind Turbines and the Promise of Money

Paul Crowe — NorthEast Windmills — September 8, 2013 Wind turbines bring the promise of money and that can cloud a person’s judgement. It certainly doesn’t have to, but sometimes, if a person isn’t careful, he’ll do things out of character, things he would otherwise not do, things he later regrets, simply because the thought […]

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Vermillion, IL to consider wind farm moratorium and increase in setbacks to neighbours property lines

Tracy Moss — The News Gazette — February 27, 2013 DANVILLE — A committee of Vermilion County Board members will discuss this week a moratorium on the construction of any wind farms until the county addresses possible changes to its wind farm ordinance. According to the county board’s executive and legislative committee agenda, county board […]

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Norway — MoE ignores wind neighbours’ complaints of health issues and poor sleep

Tip of the Hat to the National Association Against Wind Turbines Hans E.h. Jacobsen — Aftenbladet — February 21, 2013 A number of residents nearest to the wind farm on Høg-Jæren are struggling with poor sleep, headaches, and other complaints. They believe the cause is the constant swishing sound and turbine roar from the wind […]

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UK — Some landowners live up to 45km away from the wind turbines on their properties, leaving neighbours to suffer

(As usual, it’s all about the money that people can make at the expense of their friends, wildlife and the environment. — DQ) Andrew Carswell — The Telegraph — February 22, 2013 THEY are about to subject their neighbours and friends to the low drone and heartache-inducing vibrations of giant wind turbines, built just 2km […]

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U.S. — Wind turbine noise has neighbours complaining and wind reps calling them nimbys and saying it’s subjective

John Mason — Hudson/Catskill Register-Star — January 19, 2013 Wind turbines that were installed on Carson Road in 2011 have been fueling some controversy with neighbors over the past six months. While the windmills were supposed to be quiet, the neighbors say this is far from the case. The issue first came to the Ancram […]

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“Proximity to neighbour’s wind installations means we can never build a home on our property”

Hans Janzen — Toronto Sun — November 17, 2012 How does one man’s dream of becoming known as the “Green Premier” become a nightmare for much of rural Ontario? It’s called the Green Energy Act. It takes away the rights of individual landowners and municipalities to protect themselves from the placement of industrial wind turbines […]

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Turbine fight continues in Wainfleet

Victoria Gray — The Tribune — November 12, 2012 WAINFLEET – David Wyatt is not backing down in the township’s fight against wind turbines. The alderman intends to deliver a notice of motion at Tuesday night’s council meeting recommending Wainfleet send a letter to the Electrical Safety Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs […]

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U.S. — 60 Neighbours sue wind company for negative health effects and other issues

Marlene Kennedy — Courthouse News Service — October 30, 2012 Wind Farm Called Giant Pain in the Neck ALBANY, N.Y. (CN) – Dozens of neighbors of a $200 million wind farm sued the companies behind it, claiming noise and lights give them migraines, make them nervous and keep them up at night. Their dogs bark […]

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(UK) Payouts for neighbours of wind farms ‘is just bribery’

This Is Cornwall.com — September 21, 2012 Proposed government “benefits” to woo homeowners opposed to wind turbines near their homes has been dismissed as “pure bribery” by countryside campaigners. Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Ed Davey wants communities near onshore wind farms to be offered cheaper electricity or money in return for development. Ministers are anxious to square […]

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The States Seem to be Getting the Message, Why Can’t Ontario?

(First they propose better regulations to try to lower the risk to birds, now they’re paying attention to the noise impact.) Neighbors Win Court Round Over Wind Farm Noise A legal petition aimed at reinstating a state rule for limiting noise at a controversial wind farm in Maine can proceed, a judge ruled on Friday, […]

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