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Life next to a wind factory under construction

Posted in the Kingston Whig comment section.  A great perspective on living near the construction of a wind facility ******************************* You don’t understand why anyone would be against these things? Really, you need to for one moment, go to the computer and click onto a “draft site plan” for a project try next terror, er […]

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Ireland: Is Chasing the Green Dream a nightmare for those that live next door?

A half-hour news show from Ireland delving into the issue of living next door to wind turbine installations. Part One * Part Two Listen to the lies and the spin that comes out of the wind industry reps.  It’s the same misleading information we hear all over the world.  They’re lying and we know they’re […]

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Rural battle facing next Grit leader

Jim Merriam — Toronto Sun — December 28, 2012 In a month we’ll know the identity of the next premier of Ontario. The governing Liberals will choose a successor to Dalton McGuinty in late January and that individual automatically will become the big cheese. The new leader may be boss for only a few weeks. […]

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