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Australia: Green City Residents Use “Nimby” Secure in the Knowledge They Will Never Live Near a Turbine

Letter to the Editor — Goulburn Post (AU) — October 19, 2014 I AM writing regarding Jupiter wind farm, proposed for the area surrounding Tarago. The proposed development would consist of up to 110 wind turbines each 170 meters or 50 stories tall. The developer is EPYC a company which I understand is over 80 […]

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Time to Turn the Tables on Wind Proponents who Accuse Opponents of ‘Nimbyism’.

It’s astounding to read these days how pleased with themselves liberals are that the Wynne Ont gov’t is remaining steadfast in their refusal to amend the Green Energy Act in any meaningful way. It’s as easy as water off a ducks back for these progressives to delight in calling opponents to Industrial Wind Turbines as […]

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I am not a Nimby, My familys life has been altered forever — by Michael Fairneny

Globabl Wind Energy Impact — May 13, 2013 I am not a Nimby… I now call myself an “INFY-AIP”….19 IWT’s are…”IN MY FRONT YARD-AND I’M PISSED”!!! My peaceful world up here in Florida, MA has been turned into an Industrial Zone full of noise pollution and inaudible LFN (low frequency noise)…that has impacted us in […]

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