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North Dakota Wind Developer Demands More Land for Turbines in an FAA Restricted Area

Where does the wind go: Adams Co. turbines may need more land RenewablesBiz — June 22, 2014 “Wild is the wind,” jazz artist Nina Simone sang. Indeed, building infrastructure around free-flowing wind for its energy potential can be just as unpredictable. A $350 million wind turbine farm near Hettinger may expand to a larger area […]

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North Dakota Wants Financial Assurance that Wind Turbines Will Be Taken Down in 20 years. NextEra Balks.

“The goal is to ensure that after a wind turbine has generated its last kilowatt, the owner has a plan – and the financial means – to restore the landscape to its original condition.” Mike Nowatzki — InForum — April 12, 2014 When wind turbines stop turning BISMARCK – For more than a decade, they […]

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North Dakota’s prairie winds waning

Patrick Springer — Grand Forks Herald — April 6, 2012 The state’s once-booming wind energy sector falters ASHLEY, N.D. — The Coteau des Prairie hills that form a hummocky spine through McIntosh County provide a perfect platform for wind turbines. They’ve been chosen as the site for a sprawling 200-megawatt wind farm six miles north […]

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